We Can All Relate To This Little Girl's Hilarious Rant

We all have pet peeves. While things like loud chewing, talking during a movie and bad grammar may seem trivial to some, it can easily get under the skin of others.

For one girl in particular, she can't stand people who walk slowly and she isn't afraid to speak her mind about it.

Photographer Katie Stauffer shared a video of one of her adorable twin daughters, Mila, going on a rant about how much she hates it when people in front of her walk too slowly, especially when she has treats to purchase.

In the hilarious viral video, the usually shy 3-year-old has a message for all the slow walkers out there including the "really, really slow" lady who she was stuck behind on the way to the store.

"Don't walk slow. I've got no time for that! I've got places to go!" said Mila.

Unless you're guilty for walking slow, you can relate to this little girl with a big personality.

If you'd like to see more of Mila and her twin sister Emma, you can follow their Facebook page here.