Woman Tried To Haggle With A Wedding Caterer But Twitter Was Not Having It

Getting married is supposed to be one of the happiest days in your life. You are about to tell the world that you want to spend the rest of your days with one specific person and then celebrate with friends and family.

However, a lot of the time weddings end up as one of the most stressful situations imaginable. The thing is, it's not just the people who are celebrating the wedding that are going to get stressed out, a lot of the time it's the vendors.

We tend to demand a lot from wedding vendors, whether it's the venues, the florists, or the caterers. We are paying them a lot of money to help make our day perfect, and most of the time they are willing to put their all in. But vendors deserve respect just like anyone else.

A lot of the time people can be rude or expect way too much from them, maybe because the pressure is so high, but who can really be sure.

One vendor recently shared her story of a nightmare bride and it has a lot of people talking. A caterer named Onequa has an Instagram called Highly Flavored where she posts pictures of her food.

A potential client and friend of a friend saw pictures of her food and reached out to get a quote for a wedding.

It started like any normal consultation would, a general outline of what she wanted for the meal.

She requested the following things:

  • breakfast/brunch bar with omlette station complete with shrimp, crab, sword fish, bacon, turkey, sausage, and "basically every breakfast meat"
  • wings station "all flavors you can think of"
  • waffle station
  • a stuffed salmon dish she showcases on her Instagram (but only 50 of those)
  • fresh fruit
  • macaroni and cheese
  • fresh cooked veggies (string beans, broccoli, carrots, collards)
  • 200 cupcakes

After doing some quick calculations, and learning that the bride was expecting between 175-200 people, she estimated a cost of $5000. Apparently this was way more than they expected.

The person was stunned that it would cost $28 per person (even though that's pretty normal for catering) and then said "why that much, you're an Instagram caterer it's not like you have your own legit restaurant."

The caterer was surprised by the sudden turn in the tone. She replied with "What does that have to do with me purchasing all food products for 200 people and making it?"

The person messaging them offered her less than half what she was asking, saying "$2,100, take the opportunity or leave it."

The caterer obviously wasn't going to take the job, but when she shared the post with her Twitter followers they all came to her defense, stunned that someone thought they could get all that food at a rate of $10.50 per person.

People had some alternate options for this brides budget. Including "For $10/head I'll cater 5 thawed shrimps and a Walmart cupcake per person."

However some people thought even THAT was too generous. "Frankly that's generous. They would've been splitting fish stick kid cuisines. The dessert is on the tray. BYO microwave."

One person had a pretty good cost cutting option: "The Kroger-brand individual frozen pizzas are only $1. A four different kinds, each the same price."

Luckily the caterer is now being showered by compliments and will probably end up getting a lot of great business out of it. Hopefully that bride can find something a little more suited to her event though, because I super understand being on a tight budget. Just sometimes it means you can't have all the things you wanted.

Do you remember what it was like booking all your wedding vendors? Do you think this bride was fair in asking for a discount or was she asking for way too much?

Source - Twitter

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