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These 12 Unusual Bathrooms Are Worth A Visit

Hernandez Silva Architects / Cintas

When you've got to go, you've got to go, and where you stop for a bathroom break isn't that important.

But that hasn't stopped some homeowners and architects from designing some seriously zany bathrooms.  

Some are functional, some are silly, and some are actually built for a cause.

But they're all worth a visit, if you're in the neighborhood and need to see a man about a dog.

Fair warning: there is some potty humor in this list, but it goes with the territory!

1. The Ski Jump - Nagano, Japan

Restaurant Heidi, near some of Japan's most well-known ski resorts, invited their customers to try ski jumping from the safety of their toilet seat.

The wrap-around design gives the impression that you're about to speed down a mountain peak, when really you're just a few feet off the floor.

2. The Floater - Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah

Apparently, boaters just can't hold it in until they get back to shore.

Built to protect the lake and its marine life, these floating stations feature bathrooms for tourists and pumpout stations for their boat's septic tanks.

They reportedly cost over $100,000, but that's a small price to pay to keep you-know-what out of the lake.

3. Columbia Tower - Seattle, Washington

An impressive 76 stories up in the sky, you'll find this oasis of a restroom with marble counters, brass fixtures, and a breathtaking view of the Seattle skyline.

But sorry fellas, only the ladies room has this great view!

4. See-Through Bathroom - Multiple Locations

Domestos used this highly uncomfortable bathroom to raise awareness for the 2.4 billion people without access to toilets.

The installation in New York's Washington Square Park is see-through from the inside, but not from the park.

While it wasn't meant to actually be used, there's a permanent version of the embarrassing john in Suplhur Springs, Texas.

The trick to the illusion is the side with the most light is reflective, so there are no lights inside the bathroom and a tall LED light on the outside.

5. America's Most Scenic Urinal - Kealakekua, Hawaii

This secluded town on the Big Island is home to an unusual tourist trap: a urinal with a stunning view of the coast.

Sadly, the hotel that featured the urinal is now a private building, but tourists say the new owners will still let you peek inside.

6. Les Uritrottoirs - Paris, France

The name uritrottoir combines the French names for "pee" and "sidewalk." As you might guess, they're not very popular.

While the waste these public urinals collect is used to grow plants, locals have objected to their prime real estate beside landmarks like the Notre Dame cathedral.

7.  Long Way Down - Guadalajara, Mexico

Hernandez Silva Architects designed this terrifying bathroom for a penthouse, which sits over an unused elevator shaft that continues down for 15 stories.

As one person noted, "It will scare the ____ out of you."

8. Pop-Up Toilet - Multiple Locations

The Urilift is a Dutch invention, which offers a creative solution for revelers who can't hold it in after a night of drinking.

The toilet tubes pop up each night, then shrink back down to a space a little bigger than a manhole cover during the day. But an attendant always checks that the pods are empty before lowering them underground.

The company now offers several models, including ones that accommodate women.

9. Luxury Loos - Taichung City, Taiwan

This mall spared no expense when designing its bathrooms, which are as trendy and stylish as the luxury stores it hosts.

We guarantee you've never taken a mall mirror selfie as good as one in these bathrooms.

10. The Beatles Bathroom - San Francisco, California

Designer Jania Davis gave her workspace in San Francisco a number of quirky themed rooms, but we're focusing on her bathroom, inspired by the Fab Four and their psychedelic "Yellow Submarine."

Sure, it doesn't have a toilet, but aren't you glad you saw the yellow tub(marine)?

11. Space Toilet - International Space Station

There are actually two toilets on-board the space station, but neither of them look much like the one in your home.

Space toilet
The toilet on NASA's Tranquility module.NASA - Wikimedia

In a weightless environment, vacuums are used to pull both kinds of waste into a tank, which is later vented into space.

Sadly, the air in the suction tube is recycled back into the station (after germs and bad smells are filtered out).

12. Jungle Jim's Bathroom - Fairfield, Ohio

Looks can be deceiving, and this porta-potty in a grocery store is actually bigger on the inside.

There are both full men's and women's restrooms hidden behind this row of porta-pottys, which must give shoppers instant relief before they actually relieve themselves.

Which of these bizarre bathrooms was your favorite?

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