Wendy Williams Passes Out On Live TV

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Wendy Williams Passes Out On Live TV

Wendy Williams is a daytime television veteran. She has hosted her own show, The Wendy Williams Show, since 2008, and before that she was a radio host for many years. She won "Best On-Air Personality" in 1993.

Williams was also nominated for multiple Emmy Awards as Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host, with the show winning Outstanding Talk/Show Entertainment. The show consistently finishes #1 in the demo of women 25-54 in 55% in the United States.

Williams' show is always known for its high-energy and pointed questions to guests, always trying to stir the pot. But now, its making headlines after a medical emergency happened on live television.

During her Halloween episode, Williams was dressed as the Statue of Liberty, hat and all. About 48 minutes into her hour-long production, Williams began to stumble on her words, and her feet.

Within seconds she had hit the ground, completely passed out. The show immediately cut to black, but not before viewers could see the producers and crew rush to help the host.

According to TMZ, the fire department rushed to the scene to help the fallen Williams, who turned out to be okay. She continued the show, telling viewers that it was just a case of over-heating that caused her to pass out.

"That was not a stunt. I overheated in my costume and I did pass out," Williams said.

The show airs live on the east cost, so it's possible later airings of the show may not contain Williams' episode.

We're just glad she is okay and that it wasn't anything more serious!

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