What Anderson Cooper Donated To K-9 Unit Raises Questions

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What Anderson Cooper Donated To K-9 Unit Raises Questions

Anderson Cooper is best known as a staple on the news. He is a well liked anchor who is well informed and has been around for quite some time.

But what he did recently caught everyone off guard. When Cooper heard about Krijger, a K9 dog from Norfolk, CT who was killed in a shootout he wanted to do something to help.

Anderson Cooper wanted to help so he did something wonderful for the police dogs who work so hard. He donated bulletproof vests for every single police dog in Norfolk.

People are truly touched by his generosity, whether the police force in Norfolk or strangers on the internet, everyone is so happy that he took action. One comment said that "He did something rather than just talk about what happened," while another said "Great gift! ALL our canine, equine, and other "ine" officers and warriors deserve protections and respect. They never get to volunteer, they are always drafted, yet they serve us bravely and valiantly."

The Norfolk police department shared this post on their Facebook as a thank you to the generous news anchor.

What do you think, should bulletproof vests be standard issue for all K-9 units?

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