What Are Sour Diesel CBD Oil Terpenes?

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What Are Sour Diesel CBD Oil Terpenes?

Terpenes are a big buzzword in the CBD industry right now. Education around cannabidiol is leading to awareness of the ‘entourage effect', referring to the way in which various compounds in cannabis work together synergistically. People don't just want CBD anymore – they want terpenes, too.

Brands usually produce terpene products modelled off the profiles of specific cannabis strains. Some are more popular than others. Of all the well-known and beloved strains out there, Sour Diesel is perhaps one of the most popular, and its terpenes are often used in CBD products.

So, let's find out more about the terpenes in Sour Diesel and what they can do…

Cannabis Terpenes: What They Are and How to Use Them

First off, why would you want to use CBD terpenes at all?

Most often, CBD terpene products are used for vaping, but they can also sometimes be used like a normal CBD oil. They come either with or without CBD, and are usually designed to be added to products you already own.

In case you didn't know, terpenes are aromatic, volatile compounds found in plants. Not unique to cannabis, terpenes are responsible for the flavors and smells of a vast number of plants. Doubtless you will be familiar with some terpenes already, even though you may not know it. Pinene, for example, is the scent you get in a pine forest, while caryophyllene gives pepper its spicy kick.

Terpenes are found in abundance in cannabis. Hundreds of different terpenes can be found in this plant species, and they come in varying quantities of different strains. The effects of any particular strain may come down to the terpene content in the end, and not the cannabinoids themselves.

Holistic healing methods which use plants often rely on the effects of specific terpenes. Aromatherapy, for example, rests heavily on the idea that certain terpenes provoke certain effects and reactions in the body.

Depending on what you are looking for in your CBD supplement, you will want to find a different blend of terpenes. Manufacturers often base terpene blends off the profiles of specific cannabis strains. The terpenes will also affect the taste of the CBD product. You can choose a terpene blend either for its effects or for its flavor.

At the end of the day, CBD terpenes are there to help you customize your experience, so you have free reign over which ones you use and how you use them.

What is the Sour Diesel Strain?

Sour Diesel is a very popular cannabis strain. It is famed for its fuel-like aroma, to which it owes the ‘diesel' part of its name. Sometimes called Sour D, this strain is a sativa, meaning it should cause energizing effects.

The Sour Diesel strain is renowned for its ability to make the user feel energized, confident, and sociable. There are some subtler effects that can be likened to an indica, though, such as a gentle relaxation. Users describe the high from Sour Diesel as being a warm and pleasant feeling that starts in the head. Increased synaptic activity may be was causes the heightened sociability that users often feel.

In states and areas where medical marijuana is legal, patients use Sour Diesel as a means of relieving anxiety, stress, and low mood. This makes sense given the state of euphoria it can put users in.

However, this strain is not one to be messed with. Sour Diesel's THC content weighs in at between 20% and 25%. THC levels this high might be associated with anxiety and paranoia. Plus, this THC content is what makes marijuana illegal in several states. Sour Diesel also has a CBD content of about 0%, making it useless for producing a CBD oil.

Nevertheless, some of those uplifting, euphoric effects might come from the terpenes rather than the THC. As such, manufacturers can produce CBD oils using legal, low-THC strains of hemp, and then recreate a terpene profile similar to that of Sour Diesel in order to mimic some of its effects.

So, what terpenes can you find in this strain?

Sour Diesel Terpenes: What Do They Do?

Sour Diesel has quite a high content of several terpenes. The combination of these terpenes in these quantities may contribute to the effects of this strain. Let's check them out...


Myrcene is a prominent terpene in several cannabis strains, and it is one of the main contributors to the perhaps infamous smell of generalized cannabis. It is found in mangoes, lemongrass, and hops; its aroma is closest to the latter. The smell of myrcene is musky, earthy, and herbal. It acts as a sedative, relaxing those who use it and invoking a painless, comfortable slumber. But if Sour Diesel is so energizing, it must rely on other terpenes.


This is another common cannabis terpene. It is also well-known because it smells, unsurprisingly, like lemons. Limonene is found in the rind of many citrus fruits, as well as juniper and peppermint. This terpene is an anti-inflammatory, meaning that like myrcene it may be able to reduce minor pain levels. It is perhaps better known for being an energizer and elevating mood. Many products contain limonene terpenes, and that's because it is a natural mood-booster.


Found in black pepper, cloves and cinnamon, you won't be surprised to hear that beta-caryophyllene has a peppery and spicy aroma. This is found in Sour Diesel at about the same rate as limonene, and it too is a natural stimulant. In aromatherapy, caryophyllene is used as a mood-lifter and stressbuster. It is also thought to be a potential painkiller.


Pinene is known for producing the scent of pine needles, but it can also be found in rosemary, basil, parsley, and dill. It is able to increase the user's alertness and may even assist with memory retention. Pinene is quite famed in medical circles and is being researched for its ability to reduce symptoms of asthma, decrease inflammation, and relieve anxiety, among other things.


Once again, humulene is a hoppy terpene. Its scent is woody, earthy, and strongly reminiscent of hops. It is also found in coriander and basil. Humulene is fairly common in cannabis, and is found in decent quantities in Sour Diesel. There is potential for humulene to act as an anti-inflammatory.

Final Thoughts: Should You Look Out for Sour Diesel CBD Terpenes?

The terpenes found in Sour Diesel are a great combination. Beta-caryophyllene and limonene are good for relieving stress and boosting mood, providing ample energy to get on with your day. However, myrcene ropes these two go-getters in with some relaxation, preventing a caffeine-style buzz that has your hands trembling.

Then, humulene and pinene provide a nice, pain-relieving sensation that can assist you in your journey to feeling relaxed and energetic.

All in all, then terpenes found in Sour Diesel could contribute to a productive day. If this sounds like something you are in need of, then stay on the lookout for some Sour Diesel terpenes. Some companies might not explicitly state that their terpenes are from the Sour Diesel strains, but the names of the above terpenes are what you should be keeping an eye out for.

If this isn't for you, don't be despaired! There are plenty of terpene blends out there which lead toward different effects; it's just a matter of finding the right strain for you.

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