What are the Best Real Money Games?

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What are the Best Real Money Games?

Playing games online is no longer taboo. People are now making groundbreaking careers out of poker and virtual e-gaming platforms. Don’t forget the latest industry boom resulting from e-sports. Even with a thriving industry and real money-making games, players still find it hard to pick a single genre and stick with it.

Poker players have an assured career as the game has advanced to World Tours, but other individual gaming for fun can consider transiting into making real money. However, apart from True Blue casino daily free spins that can land you a few dollars as wins, what other games can you play to make real money? This article provides you with a list of the best real money games globally.

  • MistPlay
  • Solitaire Cube
  • Swagbucks
  • Wealth Words


If you love playing games on your phone, you can now do so for a prize. Mistplay is an app that delivers real money games for you to explore and discover with minimum effort. You can start your gaming journey with the apps “Free Gift Cards” before deciding which direction to go. The app works through a simple process that involves players collecting “Units” while gaming. The higher the units you collect, the more the value. Punters can then redeem the units into gift cards. The most applicable include “Amazon, Visa and Playstation” gift cards. But, the most distinguishing factor is that perusing the games is free, and players can earn points with time.

The units earned are dependent on the period taken to play a single game. Plus, the app is easy to find, has a quick log-in or registration process, and gives you a boost when kick-off. Also, you can review the app performance overtime on your selected mobile app store providers. The gaming platform has had payments of over $16 million paid out to gamers worldwide. The real money game platform is best for individuals who love gaming during their free time. Remember, the more time spent playing on the forum, the more the units collected. At the same time, you can make at least $50 in a month with dedicated gaming activities. You can earn approximately 1500 points in a single week, which results in around $5 worth of cash!

Solitaire Cube

Addicted to card games on online casinos and still not lucky enough to win, consider moving to Solitaire cube for your daily card games. Not only do you get to compete in daily competitions, but you also get to make extra cash while at it. You get to compete head to head with other players across the planet and win huge prizes you can convert to real money. Also, the solitaire battles are usually real-time adding to the thrill. The gameplay is also simple and involves “Stacking the piles of cards” into a single suit. The reds go to the reds, the blacks the same, starting with the King, Queen, Joker to the Ace card. The most affluent players take less than 2 minutes to stack the solitaire cards. Payments are made through PayPal once your balance reaches the minimum threshold! However, players should first check the restrictions as some countries cannot access solitaire cube.

Solitaire Cube is a fast-earning gaming platform. Players have a great time on the forum due to its friendly interface, exciting animations, and the ability to earn more each time you log in. Don’t forget regular battles that challenge your bottom line and enhance your gaming skills. Skillz admits to having over 12 million registered users on Solitaire Cube. In 8 years since its launch in 2012, the company has carried out 100 million-plus solitaire battles, and the number continues to rise each day. AS of today, the battles are estimated to range around 500000 in a single day. Plus, players get to play for free, and the earnings resulting from your gaming are dependent on your wagers!


Swagbucks is a Paid to Site online platform where users get paid to play games or any other activity online. While at Swagbucks, players can receive regular real money offers by searching the web for simple details following a client’s wish, watching videos, filling in surveys or polls, advising individuals on saving money using coupons, and many more. Gaming often becomes tedious, especially if you keep repeating the same procedure and gameplay each time. The repeated process enhances your speed and saves you cash during game battles, but it can be tiring at times. Thus, Swagbucks takes advantage of those short periods when players give gaming a break and introduce other constructive ways of making money; therefore, the extended functionalities.

Each activity you carry out online has a different payout rate. For instance, you can receive $100 to play a specific game title and give feedback and $50 to fill in the polls and other surveys. The major highlight is that you cannot get bored when playing on Swagbucks. If real money games become too tasking, switch to surveys. However, you should always consider the best ways to earn the amount without risking all of your cash by committing to one form, i.e., playing games!

Swagbucks players get to fight for over 7000 gift cards in a single day. The Huffington Post is quoted indicating how people on the platform take advantage of the platform to earn $600 plus in a single month. Plus, you can always cash out everything from your Swagbucks account as the minimum withdrawable amount remains $1. The only catch is that you can only cash out using PayPal and transfer the amount to your regular banking account for use! Plus, Swagbucks is available on Apple or iOS, Android and you can even install Swagbucks on your personal computer!

Wealth Words

The online crossword game is for professional’s players who love mind games such as Scrabble and Trivia. The only difference is that as you fall in love with the game, you also make some extra cash on the side. Plus, only the smartest in the world can decipher the game and start making money. The Wealth Words games pay you for your clever use of words. Also, the game is available online, and all a player requires is stable Internet and a sharp mind. However, the game does have an age limit of 18 years and is convenient to make more than $3 000 at a go.

The Wealth Words gaming platform prompts players to sign in and become members. As one of the online gambling games, you can sharpen your mind while trying your luck on the prize pool provided by Wealth Words.


The earning potential for gamers is on the rise with real money games. Today, providers require their prototypes tested, players need a constructive pass time, and playing real money games online and in casinos is becoming a habit. The only difference is that individuals are making an income from playing online! If you drive around $600 in a month as a side hustle, it means you can make more if dedicated to the platform, making gaming a full-blown career. However, players still have to find the best real money games out there before committing to such an outcome!

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