Pros and Cons of Using Bonuses When Playing in a Casino

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Bonuses at a Casino?

If you have visited an online casino recently, you have likely found that they offer welcome bonuses and other incentives to encourage you to use their site. It is a great way to draw in customers, and users get the benefit from these bonuses.

Bonuses Are Available

There are a number of great online casinos available in New Zealand. These sites offer bonuses, often matching bonuses for your initial deposit. You can have as much as $1500 instantly deposited into your account when you sign up and make your initial deposit on the site. If you still want to get a casino bonus, further details are provided at the link.

They Can Be a Lot of Fun

Playing at an online casino can be a lot of fun. There may be casino style games that you enjoy playing fully, and the ability to play blackjack, roulette, poker, slot machines, or other games can bring you great joy. They are great, because they do not limit your access based upon your locality. You can play anywhere in New Zealand.

This is great, because people need activities that can help them to find greater joy in their life. Many are looking for ways to be happier, and playing at an online casino can be a lot of fun. Knowing you can play anywhere in the country can really boost your morale.

These bonuses can make your time at an online casino a lot more fun. However, some have some doubts about that and believe that in many cases the cons can outweigh the pros. Here are the pros and cons involved in using these bonuses.


Extra Money

Let’s start with the most obvious. This is money they are giving you. All that you had to do was sign up and make an initial deposit. The online site will offer a matching deposit up to a certain amount. Some will even allow you to spread your “initial” deposit across a few different deposits. This could mean that you could deposit $300 initially, $200 a few days later, and $500 by the end of the week and they will still match that $1000 amount. That is extra money for you to enjoy playing.

It Makes the Experience a Lot More Fun

One of the biggest benefits of these bonuses is that it takes a little pressure off you. If you make a mistake with a wager and lose $30 or $40, you are not totally stressed out about losing so much money. After all, it really isn’t your money at first. You are using the money from the casino, so it is okay to make some mistakes, even go a little wild.

This is the most enjoyable part of all. You can opt to make some crazy bets at the roulette table or go for bigger stakes when playing blackjack. If you win, great! If you do not, that is okay too. After all, it was extra money for you.

No Penalty

The best part about receiving these bonuses is that there is no penalty for you. You are not taxed because they gave you this bonus. There is no penalty if you do not use the money right away. You can enjoy it at your leisure. That makes it a whole lot more fun.


You Must Use It

The only real negative about these bonuses is that you have to use the money there at the casino. If you get a matching initial deposit up to $1000, you are not allowed to simply withdraw the money and get off the site. You have to spend that initial deposit that they gave you.

That is okay though. If you win money using that bonus, that money is yours. So, all that is actually required of you is that you would spend the bonus money they gave you. You can remove your initial deposit, you can take out any money you win. That is perfectly fine. The only thing is that you must spend the money that they give you.


This one can be a troublemaker in some cases. Many high rollers have claimed that one of the things they do not like about these bonuses is the fact that there are some cashout limits. They do not see the point in taking the bonus, winning some serious money with that bonus, then when they try to cash-out the winnings, they are being told that they can withdraw only a certain amount of money, and not the total winnings. This is why it is highly recommended to carefully read all the terms and conditions that come with the bonuses.

Expiration Dates

Another reason why bonuses can create some headaches and why it is important to read the terms that come with them, as most of the bonuses are valid for a short period of time. Should you fail to use them within the given timeframe, there are no ways in claiming them back.  

As you can see, there are only a limited number of negatives that go with receiving a bonus from an online casino. The truth is that there are far more advantages to getting these bonuses than there are disadvantages involved. This is why the casinos love to give them to customers. They understand that people are going to use them and that they will come to their casino to play. The players get a bonus to begin with, so they will want to play. Everyone wins.

After all, isn’t that the goal of the casino, both for the casino itself and for the player. Both want to win.