What Are The Top Concept 2 Rower Alternatives?

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What Are The Top Concept 2 Rower Alternatives?

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When searching for the best rowing machine, the Concept 2 rower, when compared head-to-head with other rowers, is undoubtedly the go-to option. It's for this reason that this is what top-flight athletes and Olympians use to guarantee optimal performance as they await competition. Other than helping boost your performance level, Concept 2 is also available at a pocket-friendly price. There's little or anything wrong you can find wrong with this rowing machine. Therefore, it's no surprise that getting this rower is difficult due to its great demand.

However, you shouldn't lose hope just yet as there are other great alternatives on the market that still provide you with decent performance. If you're in search of such a rowing machine, you're in luck. Here's an overview of the best alternatives you should go for when getting your hands on a Concept 2 rower is proving to be a challenge.

1. LIT Strength Machine

The LIT Strength Machine is an alternative to traditional rowing machines that can become monotonous. This home exercise equipment offers a diverse range of rowing options that allows you to burn more calories and build strength and muscle. You can perform side to side rowing, oblique twists, and bicep curls as well as hinges, pulls, and raises on the LIT Strength Machine which will transform indoor rowing from a boring, repetitive experience to one that is truly innovative and versatile.

LIT Strength Machine is the only machine that uses 100% of your muscles. It provides a complete body workout without causing injury to any joints. You can choose from four levels of water resistance, ranging in weight from 10LBS up to 40LBS in the dual tank drum. For increasing the resistance you can loop the resistance bands around the handle of the rower. The LIT Strength Machine is portable and can be moved and stored vertically unlike traditional rowing machines.

2. Hydrow Rower  

If you want a rower that's exciting and offers you a truly immersive rowing experience, look no further than the Hydrow rower. This rower allows you to achieve just that by bringing the feel of the river flowing as you exercise in your home. It’s also robust as it's made from a smooth aluminum frame, so you can be sure that you won't need to buy another rowing machine any time soon if you've got one. This rowing machine also has a stylish and elegant design that makes it an excellent pick.

This rower features an exceptional quality 22" HD touchscreen with an in-built live outdoor reality technology and front-facing speakers. Therefore, you can easily watch the live broadcast and 1000 pre-recorded workouts alongside your friend, trainer, and Hydrow community. This rowing machine also delivers silent and ultra-smooth motion thanks to its resistance that's controlled by a computer using an electromagnetic drag mechanism. As a result, this makes it an excellent choice to carry out low-impact, high-intensity exercises. Check out Start Rowings' in-depth Hydrow rower review for more information.

3. MaxKare Magnetic Rower Machine

At some point, you might find yourself stuck in the middle searching for a rowing machine that's moderately priced. If you find yourself in such a situation, then the MaxKare magnetic rower machine is the ideal rowing machine. While it provides you with a decent amount of space for working out, it still can fit in any of the rooms in your home. To further improve your workout experience, it has a comfy seat, a magnetic resistance flywheel, plus a smooth sliding motion.

The MaxKare magnetic rowing machine incorporates 16 levels of magnetic resistance for you to try out. You should put on the foot straps before you start rowing, but you should be cautious not to over-depend on them, thereby might become somewhat of a hindrance.

One challenge with this rowing machine is that it's fairly complicated to store, as getting it to stand upright is fairly challenging. But despite that setback, this rowing machine is undoubtedly a great pick that ensures you enjoy each minute spent working out. Therefore, you're assured of getting the most from your workout.

4. Topiom Water Rower

The last few years have seen a rise in water rowers' popularity due to the silent and smooth operation. If this is what you're looking for, then the Topiom water rower is the go-to pick. While it remains silent while working out, this machine still offers you a significant level of resistance.

This rowing machine features a huge, front-mounted tank that's filled with water, a handle, plus a belt drive with a set of paddles in the interior section. All the resistance generated by this rower is usually the result of your effort. This means you experience greater resistance the harder you work. Therefore, you get to experience an infinite amount of resistance when using this rower.

Another appealing aspect about this rower is that 90% of its design is made from wood. As a result, it's strikingly beautiful to the eye while still being simple to use. It features a big handle and footrest to make sure that you're comfortable the entire time you're exercising. The best part about this rowing machine is that you get a broad range of workout options. This means unlike the standard rowers, the Topiom water rower incorporates in-built options for endurance and strength training.

Due to all these handy features, the British rowing teams consider it the go-to choice for training. With that said, this rowing machine has one drawback, and that is its mobility. Other than that, you'll enjoy everything else from its ease of assembly as you can put it together by yourself in not over an hour.  

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