If You're Having These Dreams, This Is What They Mean

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If You're Having These Dreams, This Is What They Mean

We've all had dreams. It's just how it works. Sure, some of them may be easier to remember than others, but we dream a lot and often times we dream about...the weirdest things?

I once had a dream that all my teeth fell out while I was on a gondola ride in Venice. I'm tellin' ya, dreams are weird.

But have you ever woken up and wondered what exactly your dream was trying to tell you? Not everyone is able to recall their dreams. There are so many interpretations as to what they can mean, but now it's time to learn once and for all.

Rebecca Turner, founder of World of Lucid Dreaming, gave explanations to many of the most common dream themes we all have experienced!


If you dream about being chased by animals, it could suggest you are holding back repressed emotions like fear or anger.


Dreaming about babies could signify your own vulnerability or desire to feel loved. It could also signify a new start. Dreaming about babies could also just literally mean you want to have a baby.

Being Chased

Being chased could signify you are feeling threatened in your life, so it's important to try to identify who or what is chasing you.


If you dream about a friend or loved one's death, it could signify change in those relationships. It does not mean that person is close to death. If you are recently grieving from the death of someone, it could signify your subconscious trying to come to terms with the event.

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Falling in dreams signifies a fear of losing control of something or letting go. It can also signify fear of failure after a big success.

There are More Common Dreams Too


If you dream about having a lot of hair, it could symbolize virility. If you dream about cutting your hair, it could symbolize a loss of libido. It is believed that dreaming about hair has significant ties with sexuality.


No, killing someone in your dream does not make you a closeted serial killer. It represents your desire to either kill part of your own personality or signify the hostility you hold towards a certain person.

Missing A Flight

Dreaming about missing a bus, plane, or any other important mode of transportation signifies your frustration about missing a big opportunity in your life. It often happens when you are struggling to make a decision.

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To dream about coming into money represents confidence and self-worth. It can also indicate that success is imminent for you. Dreaming about losing money means you are lacking self-esteem and feel as though you are experiencing many setbacks in your life.


Nudity is one of the most common dream symbols. It often suggests you are trying to reveal your true self to others. It could also mean you are feeling vulnerable and exposed to others.


To dream about losing your teeth signifies you are afraid about being unattractive to others and are worried about getting old. It can also signify you are worried about having said something you shouldn't have.

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Being Trapped

To dream of being physically trapped is a common nightmare theme which signifies your real life inability to make the right choice.


Water signifies your unconscious mind. A calm body of water means you are at inner peace, while a choppy body of water means you are filled with unease.

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