What Are Your Legal Options After a Bus Accident?

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What Are Your Legal Options After a Bus Accident?

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Buses are a form of commercial transportation. Because of their large size, they can cause substantial impacts that result in serious injuries and damages. When someone experiences serious injuries because of a bus accident, they need to be aware of their legal options for seeking compensation. Learning this information will assist victims in making the right choices for their compensation needs.

Legal Options for Bus Accident Victims

Bus accident injuries can range in severity, depending on the rate of speed at impact. When bus accidents occur, victims need to be aware of the legal options that are available to them. The following are some of the options after a bus accident.

Negotiate a Settlement

One of the first options available to an injured bus accident victim is to negotiate the settlement. The negotiations will typically take place with an insurance company. For city buses, individuals may need to pursue the city. The negotiation process is not always easy when dealing with an insurance company.

Establishing liability is one of the most important aspects of negotiating a settlement after a bus crash. Once liability is established, injured victims will need to be sure they are aware of their monetary damages. It is important an injured victim does not settle for less than their case is worth.

File a Lawsuit

Injured bus accident victims also have the option of filing a lawsuit. If the insurance company or at-fault driver are denying liability, offering too low a settlement, or denying the claim, the injured victim has the right to file a lawsuit in court.

Who Are the Responsible Parties?

Discovering who is the responsible party in a bus accident is essential for injured victims. Establishing fault is not always easy. In some bus accident cases, there are multiple at-fault parties. The following may be some of the responsible parties an injured victim can pursue in their case.

  • The driver of the bus
  • The bus company
  • The manufacturer of the bus
  • Another driver
  • A government agency

In some bus accidents, multiple parties may be sought for compensation. Finding the responsible parties involves a careful investigation into the crash.

Getting Help From an Attorney Is Important

Pursuing the right party will help individuals receive the fair compensation they are owed for their measurable damages. Injured bus crash victims should never be forced to handle their claims alone.

One of the first steps injured victims need to take is to schedule a consultation appointment. The following questions should be asked of the attorney.

  • How many bus accident claims have you handled?
  • What Is your track record?
  • Who can I sue for my damages?
  • What are my legal options?
  • How much is my claim worth?
  • How much are your fees?
  • How long have you been practicing law?

Asking these questions of the attorney will allow injured victims to discover if the attorney will be able to offer them the right level of legal representation. Once the injured party finds an attorney to work with, the attorney will take over all the steps that are involved in pursuing fair compensation.

Injured Bus Accident Victims Have Rights

An injured victim of a bus accident has certain rights afforded to them under the law. One of the biggest rights is to seek fair compensation for the injuries and damages they have suffered. Individuals also have the right to seek legal counsel.

Meeting with an attorney will allow injured victims to learn more about their rights. An attorney will fight for the rights of their injured clients.

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