What he does to relieve his smashed thumb will make you watch in horror

We've all known the pain of crushing our fingers. Whether it's a car door, hammer or just a rock and a hard place, getting your finger caught hurts like the dickens. The subsequent swelling isn't just painful either, it's potentially damaging.

One man took to YouTube to show the world how to fix the dangerous blood build-up that occurs when you smash your finger. Warning: the cure might be worse than the sickness.

He takes a sharp needle and heats it with a butane torch until it's red hot. This not only sterilizes but will help him with what he plans to do with the needle.

After a few false starts he's finally ready for some relief (if you can all it that!) and puts his hand over the bathroom sink.

Holding the needle with pliers he pokes a hole in his nail right at the point where there's obvious pooling blood. Immediately blood gushers out, spraying the sink with blood.

As the torrent slows to a trickle the man seems quite pleased with himself. Not only does his thumb not having the annoying pressure pain, but there's no long term damage that might be caused by the swelling removing the thumb nail.

Watch it all here (there's some foul language):

Now you know how it's done, but maybe you should just be careful with a hammer instead.

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