What Injuries Can You Get From Motorcycle Accidents?

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What Injuries Can You Get From Motorcycle Accidents?

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Riding a motorcycle is one of the ways many people relieve stress. There is something relaxing about flying down the open road with the wind in your hair. When another driver is negligent and causes a motorcycle crash, riders can be catastrophically injured. With this guide, individuals will learn about some of the common motorcycle accident injuries and how they can seek fair compensation for their damages.

How Can a Person Be Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?

Any type of accident can cause injuries, but there is very little protection for motorcycle riders, which is why injuries can be serious. The following are some of the injuries that can occur while riding your motorcycle.


It is not uncommon for motorcycle riders to suffer serious leg injuries as a result of an accident. Injuries to knees, calves, ankles and feet are common. Bruises, muscle tears, burns, broken bones, and road rash can all occur in these areas.


The arms are also vulnerable in a motorcycle crash. Just as with the lower limbs, arms can suffer bruising, burns, road rash, and broken bones. In some severe accidents, amputation may occur.

Head and Neck

Although most motorcycle riders wear protective helmets, head and neck injuries are still common. Riders may suffer serious head injuries that are open or closed. A rider may also suffer from a broken neck as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Muscle and Nerve Damage

When someone is riding a motorcycle, there is very little protection against injuries. Muscle and nerve damage can happen in multiple areas of the body, including the limbs and trunk. In some cases, the damage that is done becomes permanent.

Seek Immediate Medical Care

One of the first things a person needs to do after they are injured in a motorcycle accident is to seek immediate medical care. Even seemingly minor injuries can turn out to be more serious than previously thought. When someone has been injured they need to seek medical care to rule out any serious injuries and ensure they receive any needed treatment.

Medical care is also crucial for motorcycle crash victims when seeking compensation for their injuries and damages. The full burden of proof rests on the shoulders of the victim. If the victim cannot produce medical records that back up their injury claims, they may not be able to obtain fair compensation.

Injured Motorcycle Victims Should Consider Meeting With a Lawyer

Meeting with a lawyer is an important part of the process of seeking fair compensation. Although it is not required, injured victims will find it much less stressful to go through the claims process with legal guidance from a personal injury lawyer.

Injured motorcyclists should at least schedule a consultation appointment so they can learn about their rights as injured victims and the laws regarding motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle injury lawyer will help their injured clients through each step in the process. The lawyer becomes an advocate to protect the rights of their injured clients and ensures they receive necessary medical care.

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious motorcycle accident can be devastating for victims. Often, the results are life-changing. Getting proper medical care and seeking integral help from a personal injury lawyer will help to ensure the injured victim receives the fair outcome they deserve.

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