What Makes a Good Office Chair?

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What Makes a Good Office Chair?

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Did you know that most people spend at least half their day sitting? Those who work in an office spend almost seven hours a day seated. These hours can become unbearable if your office chair is not ideal. You are also likely to start developing back, neck, arm, leg and shoulder pain after using a poorly designed office chair. Fortunately, brands such as lakeland furniture are not just stylish, but comfortable as well.

Adjustable seat height

Since office desks are of different heights, it is best to get an office chair with an adjustable seat height. Most office chairs have a height of between 16 and 21 inches from the floor. This allows people of different heights to sit comfortably, irrespective of the work surface.

A supportive backrest

A good office chair should have adequate back support. When buying one, you’ll have the option of choosing a backrest that is separate from the seat or one that is combined with the seat. The ideal office chair backrest should have a width of 12-19 inches. This ensures the curve of your spine, especially the lower part, has adequate support.

If the backrest is not attached to the seat, you need to make sure it is adjustable. An adjustable backrest gives you greater flexibility to find the most comfortable sitting position as your day progresses.

Seats that are combined with the backrest should also be adjustable. You should be able to adjust the backrest backwards or forward in search of the perfect position.

The size of the seat pan also matters.

Unfortunately, most people assume that as long as the office chair has no armrest, the seat pan doesn’t matter since it can comfortably seat people of different sizes. However, the ideal office seat pan should be at least an inch wider than your hips to ensure you remain comfortable for hours.

Your weight should also be evenly distributed on the seat. This ensures the seat wears out evenly and no specific area sinks because this will increase your discomfort. If possible, get an office chair with an adjustable seat pan because this allows you to change your sitting posture and reduce the strain at the back of your thighs.

The office chair should be made of durable material.

Some of the good office chairs have a high price tag. So, you should ensure you get one that you can use for a long time. This is the best way to get value for money. When looking at the quality of material used on the office chair, you need to look at the quality of fabric and padding at the seat and backrest. The materials should also be heat and moisture resistant.  

A good office chair should be stable.

How often do you have to move from one desk to another? Do you prefer getting up or moving with the seat? A good office chair with wheels is ideal for fast and easy movement, especially if you have sufficient space to move around your office. Choose a 5-point base office chair if you tend to recline because the chair is unlikely to tip over.

When buying an office chair, you should have a list of features that will ensure you remain comfortable. A good office chair will also improve your productivity.

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