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What this raccoon was caught doing has now been shared thousands of times

Do you remember that old Tom Hanks movie about a guy who lives in an airport terminal? It was based on a true story, but what just happened at the Lester B Pearson Airport in Toronto might be an even weirder story than a Hollywood studio could cook up.

While waiting for flights, passengers at Canada's largest airport noticed something peculiar in the rafters of the terminal. They looked up and were met by a pair of beady black eyes. A raccoon has apparently decided to make the international airport his home.


Cameron Graham was waiting for his wife to arrive from a business trip when he spotted the rascal popping his head out to take a look at the arriving passengers.

"There he was, having a good gander at everyone," he told the Toronto Star.

He posted a video online and it quickly spread across the internet.

The airport should be pleased with its visitor, since he seemed to be taking people's minds off of the stresses of traveling. On the video you can hear plenty of oooing and aahhhing, and one person who seems to have fallen in love with the critter.

"Aww, look at his face!" a woman shouts.

A spokesperson for the airport said that wildlife services had been called and were attempting to safely remove the raccoon.

Some Twitter users compared the incident to earlier this year when a raccoon made it on to the subway during rush hour.

Here's hoping the raccoon has a more pleasant time being ejected than the United Airlines passenger earlier this spring.

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