What You Should Know About Vacationing in California

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What You Should Know About Vacationing in California

California is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Continental United States. It is the third-largest state (163, 693 square feet) in our union. It travels along the Pacific Ocean shoreline. For many, the ideal weekend might entail renting a motorcycle and riding out to Palm Springs. You would not be alone, as California has over 957,000 licensed riders.

What is there not to like: the mountain scenery, the energy inside the large cities, and the laid-back beach communities? And all within a few miles of one another. The state is large and smart vacationers know how to navigate their plans to visit all the popular attractions. Still, for the amount of time needed to see California, you may need two trips to visit every popular destination.

Whether it is your first trip to California or you have visited multiple times, here are some helpful tips for vacationing in the gorgeous state.

Contact Your Card Card Companies

When traveling to another state, vacationers love paying for items with their credit cards. It is wise to contact those companies and inform them of your pending trip. It will lessen the threat of your account being suspended for suspicious activities.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Vacationing in California could lead to a number of mishaps taking place that are beyond your control. Protect yourself by purchasing temporary travel insurance. Most people should be able to gain a policy from their current insurance provider. The process should be easy as they have all of your personal information and insurance needs on file. It is one of the policy's benefits that you should take advantage of as it should not take long to receive a quote before your travel date.

Pack Sunscreen

California is known for its beautiful beaches and sunscreen is an essential product for any extended time spent in the sun. It does not matter where you come from, California's beaches are tropical paradises, but the sun does not play favorites. You need to lather your body before heading out or you will get a bad sunburn. Also, don't forget to keep water on you at all times. According to the EPA, an average US family of four goes through approximately 400 gallons of water daily. Your family won't want to make a habit of drinking way less water than usual when vacationing in a hot locale.

If you're flying, be sure to place your sunscreen into your checked baggage. Keep in mind, you can travel with a 100ml tube or the airline company will confiscate the item.

Understand California Laws

If you have never been to California before, it is wise to brush up on the local laws. Ignorance is no defense for your actions, so spend some time researching what is unacceptable behavior in the area you're visiting.

If you're vacationing in Long Beach, which is home to more than 460,000 residents, you need to check with the city's local government websites for laws governed by their police department. The local commerce department can provide helpful hints to visitors.

Visit Napa Valley

No question, there is plenty to discover on the ride through the California wine country. It is easy to navigate the roads to your favorite Napa Valley vineyard. And I cannot tell you how many people have called this the best part of their vacation to California. The region is breathtaking from the view of several Northern California wineries. Each of the properties offers lodging, so you can make your trip a two-day wine-tasting adventure. Some of the popular vineyards to visit can be found in Paso Robles, Amador County, Placer County, and Mendocino County.

The best time of the year to vacation in California is during the month of February through July. It is perfect to participate in outdoor activities as the temperature is rising. Also, there is a good chance of avoiding the heavy vacation crowds. Plus, you can escape the freezing temperatures of the Midwest and Northeast in early March. Try to avoid visiting in August and September as you will experience scorching summer heat. Following these tips can make your trip to California one you'll cherish.

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