When Her Daughter Asked An Invasive Question, This Mom Had The Best Answer

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When Her Daughter Asked An Invasive Question, This Mom Had The Best Answer

Moms everywhere are cheering on Allison Kimmey after she shared a discussion she had with her daughter.

While swimming at a pool with her young daughter when her daughter asked her a question that a lot of women would have backed away from. The daughter asked "Why is your tummy big mama?"

Without missing a beat or getting offended like many would, she just asked "what do you mean baby?" The daughter pointed out the stretch marks on her stomach and her mom happily explained "Oh, those are my stretch marks!"

A lot of people are ashamed of their marks but when her daughter asked where the marks came from she explained "well, when I was a little older than you, I got some stripes when I grew really fast! And some of these stripes are from when I had you growing in my tummy."

When her daughter didn't say anything she continued and said "they are really shiny and sparkly, aren't they pretty?"

While most women try to hide the fact that stretch marks are a simple reality, this woman made them seem like a positive thing. Now her daughter is actually excited to get some, saying that "I like this one the best, it's so glittery. When can I get some?"

Her mother said that she will get her "glitter stripes" when she gets older. Allison found a great way to frame this to her daughter. Instead of criticizing or complaining about her body to her impressionable girl, she has taught her daughter to accept herself as she is.

I am her compass. And she is my true north.

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Allison makes a great point in that "They are listening. They are asking. And it is up to YOU to help them shape how they will feel about these things! Will you continue the shame that society has placed on you? Or will you teach her a new way of love?"

Will you try to teach your kids how to be accepting of their own bodies?