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Mother Hen Takes Abandoned Baby Kitten Under Her Wing

It's not unusual to see a hen sitting for hours in the chicken coop. Chances are, they're probably laying eggs and want to be left undisturbed. Hens are always protective of their nests for good reason, especially this sweet little girl.

In this video, a farmer expects to find an egg under one of his hens, but she's hiding something very different.

When he moves the protesting chicken from her nest, he finds a newborn kitten! With the mommy cat nowhere in sight, the maternal hen had taken the baby kitty under her wing to keep him warm.

It's so sweet and you have to see it!

Chickens have a history of protecting other species' young when they're left alone and unprotected. This mother hen adopted a litter of abandoned kittens.

Cute Overload

It goes both ways! Although cats are natural predators of birds, sometimes a female cat's maternal instinct will kick in. Aren't these two the sweetest?

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