When this kid gets going, everyone is smiling

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When this kid gets going, everyone is smiling

We've all had those giggle fits that we just can't shake. Once you start you're at the mercy of your giggles and absolutely everything seems hilarious. This little guy is in the grips of a bad giggle fit, and soon you will be too.

Playtime at one daycare was recorded and the video is now going viral. A dozen kids sat in a semi-circle around a worker off-screen. She encourages them to clap as fast as they can.

This, apparently, is hilarious to a little boy dressed all in blue.

The more they clap, the harder he laughs.

"I want faster!" he yells in a rare break between laughs.

Well so do we, because this guy's laugh is infectious and will cure any blues you have.

The little guy in blue will change your mood

I challenge you not to smile Credit: ViralHog

Posted by Viral Thread on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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