Who Knew Essential Oils Had So Many Uses!

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Who Knew Essential Oils Had So Many Uses!

Harsh chemicals in cleaning products can leave your skin feeling itchy, swollen and dry, so why not try switching to something completely natural? Essential Oils is the road to take if you're looking for something calming on the skin, but still tough enough to get the job done.

From a clean house to a healthy self, you won't believe the amount of uses essential oils have.

Sweet Orange

  1. Place 2-4 drops on a paper towel and wipe along air vents to freshen a room.
  2. Combine 12 drops with 1/4 cup of castile soap, then top with water. Use as a cleaning agent to wipedown household surfaces.
  3. Combine 24 drops with 4 ounces of water into a spray bottle and use on indoor plants to discourage pests.


  1. Sprinkling a few drops on your pillow before bed with help ease anxiety and leave you feeling calm for a better nights rest.