Why Do I Have to Verify My Account in Online Casinos

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Why Do I Have to Verify My Account in Online Casinos

Most of the new gamblers are afraid to verify their personality in online casinos. It may happen due to the various reasons: they don’t want to share their private data, don’t trust a casino, or may not pass the check by age, etc. However, if your intent to play for real money, it may cause trouble to withdraw your winnings from the account without a validation. Therefore, there is no other way except to do it.

What Does It Mean to Pass a Verification?

This concept implies giving personal data of the player to verify the accuracy and reliability of the information provided when registering an account. As a rule, the requirement to validate an account is necessary when withdrawing your Easy Winnings. However, it happens that from the moment of requesting money to the personality check itself, several days may pass. So, we sincerely advise you to save yourself a lot of nerves and money and make validation in advance.

Why Send Them Your Data?

It would seem that until you win, you can ignore the verification requests of the casino. However, if we read the Terms and conditions of any casino, we will see that:

  1. It has the right at any time to require from the player the documents necessary to validate his game account;
  2. This is done to avoid fraudulent actions by the players.
  3. If you find yourself in a situation where an online casino deliberately delays the payment of winnings because you do not have a verified account — they would be right.

Step-by-step Instructions

If you plan to play for money in several casinos, you need to verify the account in advance. You can do this in five simple steps:

  1. Open a bank account in the bank of your interest;
  2. Scan or take a photo of your ID;
  3. Choose a reliable and honest casino;
  4. Register an account in the relevant casino;
  5. Send the photos of documents to the support service and ask to check the account ahead of time.

This procedure is required by all respectable gambling establishments. So, you can validate the account and send all the necessary documents before making the first deposit. These actions will save you a lot of nerves and money.

Finally, every respected online casino has a license. A license is a legal tool that should protect operators and players from illegal actions against each other. Each licensee is assigned a supervisory body to which each player can write a complaint in case of a conflict, and it will be reviewed within 21 business days. After that, the player receives an official response about the results of the investigation. Be careful: if you play in a casino that does not have a license — you are absolutely not protected. So, avoid such establishments and be careful to send your data to their service. Good luck!

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