Why Dogs Everywhere Are Barking For Bark's New Super Chewer Box

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Why Dogs Everywhere Are Barking For Bark's New Super Chewer Box


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What is a Super Chewer BarkBox?

Super Chewer is a monthly subscription box for dogs who chew. Each month, Super Chewer delivers 2 durable toys, 2 full bags of treats and 2 meaty chews"”made in the USA"”to your door for you and your pup.

See what the dogs (and their owners) are saying about Super Chewer BarkBox:

Dog: Moose

"We got our first Super Chewer Bark Box today. I usually receive Bully Make and never have I seen Moose get this excited about his treat box! Seeing the treats in this box are also things I approve of for his diet so that's a MAJOR plus. We are so stoked about this subscription."

Dog: Gia

"Gia LOVES her monthly Super Chewer BarkBox BarkBox. It is totally worth it! She gets great toys and healthy treats. They accommodate her food allergies/sensitivities and ensure she is not getting any of the ingredients she is sensitive to. They even guarantee if she destroys a toy they will replace it."

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Dog: Storm

"Storm received her first #superchewer #barkbox today. Her reaction to it was priceless, wish we signed her up sooner 🐾🐾 She loves the toys & treats. She even followed me to the kitchen when I was carrying the treats to put them away, which of course she got to have just one more LOL :)"

Super Chewer is your solution for dogs that destroy regular toys. Less time spent searching for fun, durable toys and meaty treats means more time bonding, which is a big win for everyone.

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