Why Is Toronto a Top Travel Destination?

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Why Is Toronto a Top Travel Destination?

A lot has changed in our modern world except this: Toronto still appeals to a multitude of people from different age groups, genders, and cultural backgrounds. It is one of the most highly recommended destinations. Certainly, there must be something extraordinary about this place. Some even decide to move here. In fact, 20- to 24-year-olds are the age group most likely to move annually, an many head to Toronto! If you’re one of those people who always wondered why Toronto is one of the top travel destinations, this article is for you.

1. Weather

If you enjoy outdoor activities, Toronto might be the best city to visit in summer. The best month to travel to Toronto is around September. That doesn't mean if you visit around June, you won't have a great time. During the summer months, the weather is perfect for enjoying yourself. There will be plenty of things that you can do around that time. According to a study, at least 35% of Americans have confirmed that they enjoy live music. There are many live music concerts to attend in Toronto. For instance, you can attend the Toronto International Film Festival, usually every year around September. Other popular events worth attending include the Jazz Festival. It happens every year towards the end of June.

2. Art

If you are into the arts, you have come to the right place. Several exhibition spaces showcase local and international artists. Toronto has over 40 galleries to visit and explore landscapes, realist work, sculptors, and more. What's more, the art pieces you’ll find in most art galleries are from as far as Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

3. Markets

Toronto has some of the best market spots for you to try out. There are art galleries, street art, food stalls, and vintage boutiques. Whether you want to dash to the shopping center to buy clothes and groceries, or if you want to sort out your banking, there is something for you within your vicinity. If you’re looking for gifts, clothing, fish, or vintage gems, head to the famous Kensington Market. Here you will find yourself brushing shoulders with locals and other tourists or anyone who prefers the bohemian-shopping experience that this market offers.

If there is something you can not find at Kensington Market, you'll find it at the St. Lawrence Market. What sets this market apart is its vibrant atmosphere of the 19th-century buildings. Even here, you can find almost anything you’re looking for inluding food, clothing, art, and gifts from over 120 traders with faces that are always ready with a smile as they help you.

4. Islands

Few people know about the 15 small islands on Lake Ontario. They form part of the Toronto Island Park. To get there, you use a ferry from Toronto City. Most tourists like spending the whole day on the islands. There are beaches nearby for you if you feel like plunging into water. You might want to check out the William Meany Maze as well. It’s a perfect spot to have a picnic with your significant other. There are also trails if you enjoy physical activities instead of sitting around the whole day.

Lastly, make sure you plan your time in Toronto accordingly. Avoid traveling around February as it is when temperatures tend to drop lower. During this bitterly cold month, most people would rather stay indoors. If you’re the type that prefers the cold weather, ensure you bring warm coats and other similar items that will keep you warm throughout your stay in Toronto. Did you know that all of the vehicles in America collectively travel trillions of miles every month? Why not travel North to Canada! One of the reasons for this is that Toronto offers a lot to serve world cultures. It has an all-encompassing cosmopolitan environment that draws you in. That's why anyone traveling to Canada is always advised to add Toronto to their itinerary.

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