Why Parental Controls Are Essential in a Home Router

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Why Parental Controls Are Essential in a Home Router

In the current modern world, raising children and being a parent is tough. Although some advancements in technology have made things easier than ever for parents, there are still other aspects that are particularly more challenging in this modern world. One such aspect is handling the 24/7 connectivity of children. Children nowadays are clung to their phones, tablets, video game consoles, and TV all the time while parents find themselves usually unequipped to handle this behavior.

Fortunately, this is why parental controls were developed and implemented to provide parents with control over the behavior of their children. Parental controls refer to a group of features integrated into home routers, accessible through the Admin page, allowing parents to manage and monitor their children’s online behavior and activities.

For households with children, having a wireless router equipped with parental control features is necessary and the reasons below explain why so.

Content Filtering

One of the primary features of parental control options is that you can filter out explicit and age-inappropriate content from your home network. Every wireless router that comes with parental control features has the content filtering option embedded, allowing you to create a virtual barrier and protect your children from age-explicit and sensitive content that might not be suitable for them.

Content filtering is a proactive approach that is employed by millions of parents worldwide to shield and protect their children from inappropriate content. By doing so, they are ensuring that their children can use the internet and engage with age-appropriate content only.

Prevent Excessive Screen Time

Excessive screen time is a major problem with children nowadays, as they find it difficult to leave their smartphone, tablet, or TV. Excessive screen time has been linked to various issues including decreased physical activity, disturbed sleep, weak eyesight, and even digital autism and delayed speech. This issue can be addressed easily with the help of parental controls.

With the help of parental controls, parents can set time limits and schedules for internet usage by their children. By setting boundaries on internet usage, parents are limiting the screen time of their children, promoting a healthy lifestyle in their children, and ensuring a balanced use of technology. Just like other parental control features, limiting internet usage is accessible through the Admin page.

Monitor Browsing Activity

Every parent wants to make sure that their children are using the internet the right way. With the help of parental controls’ monitoring features, parents can gain insights into the online activities of their children. Parents can find out the websites visited, search queries, and online interactions of their children while they are using the internet. This enables parents to keep an eye on their children and identify any potential privacy issues.

Keep in mind that monitoring features don’t infringe on the privacy of a child, it only provides valuable information to parents and helps them identify any potential issues.

Remote Management

Parental control features are also important in home routers because of the fact that they empower parents with remote management of their children’s internet behavior. With remote management, parents can monitor and adjust the settings of the home network from anywhere, providing a level of flexibility and convenience to enable parents to make changes at any time possible and stay updated with their children’s online activiti

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