Why So Many Are Turning to Cannabis During COVID-19

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Why So Many Are Turning to Cannabis During COVID-19

Photo by David Gabrić on Unsplash

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people from all over the world. It has made life extremely difficult for billions of people, and for millions it has made it almost impossible to cope with already pressing mental health conditions. Symptoms of anxiety and depression are heightened with isolation, and with millions of people around the world already suffering from these difficult mental health problems, the pandemic has only made things worse.

A Coping Mechanism

This has caused many people to turn to cannabis as a way to help them deal with these issues. Patients with a Massachusetts medical marijuana card are using more cannabis throughout the pandemic than before, and this rise in usage is clearly linked with symptoms of these challenging mental health issues that plague millions across the country. The reasons for this are  the relaxing properties of marijuana, and how useful it is for helping people cope with some of the toughest symptoms of each problem. Be very wary of cheap or budget products in this space — there are a lot of harmful and unethical ways of cutting corners in this industry. I personally head to Area 52 for all my cannabis needs.

Helping with Anxiety

While many feel that marijuana causes more anxiety than it eases, others who use the plant regularly argue that it helps to ease their anxiety far more effectively than other forms of medication. It also depends on how the substance is used. If it is smoked, especially high potency flower, the fast onset of effects can stir up anxieties in new users. However, some are able to find specific cannabis strains that do not have this effect for them., Eating edibles can have an a slow calming effect that sooths feelings of anxiety if one takes care not to take too large a dosage. CBD products, without the active THC ingredient associated with the high of marijuana, can make this much more effective. They provide the calming effect without any worry of anxieties appearing alongside it.

Easing Symptoms of Depression

It is not just anxiety that is increasing with the major period of social isolation faced by millions across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but depression has also spiked as well. Being separated from friends, loved ones and colleagues has made life very difficult for many who have a history of depression. This mental health disease affects millions, and it can cause them to feel very alone even when they are around others. Cannabis can ease this feeling and help to lift the emotions of those who struggle to do so on their own. Many also feel that traditional antidepressants are far more dangerous than helpful and cause more harm than good. While some antidepressants can be addictive, medical marijuana has the potential to ease symptoms of depression without the strong risk of addiction when used in moderation.

A Useful Tool

Many people already used medical marijuana to ease symptoms of mental health problems long before the pandemic. However, the crisis has made it far more common for people to feel isolated and alone, and it’s difficult for many to seek out the kinds of activities that might have helped with their anxiety and depression in a normal world. This is why medical marijuana has been a popular tool for many during the COVID-19 pandemic.