Why You Could Need an Emergency Plumber

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Why You Could Need an Emergency Plumber

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While some plumbing programs can appear to be minor, they can escalate quickly into something urgent and even catastrophic. DIY might be the solution to small issues, but you don’t want to be too self-assured. You need to know the right time to contact an expert, as it can be the difference between a fast and easy resolution and one that is costly, frustrating, and that can continue for some time. Below are six reasons why you might need to call on the services of an emergency plumber.

1. A Risk of Flooding

Whenever potential for a flood exists, you should call in a professional immediately. There are many plumbing mishaps that can result in flooding. A flood can, in turn, result in irreparable damage to wood framing, building materials insulation, furniture, and flooring. Water can trigger mould and short out your electrical system. The cost and cleanup can be a big job, and calling in an emergency plumber can save you thousands upon thousands of pounds.

2. Burst Pipe

A pipe burst means you should definitely call an emergency plumber. You can find your home flooded quickly and in huge quantities, resulting in extensive damage to your infrastructure. Damage can be minimised by turning off your water supply. You should also ensure any valuables are left away from the flooded areas. While an emergency plumber can help to repair your pipe, you should also ask them whether they provide water remediation.

3. Toilet Overflow

If you find your toilet is overflowing, the odds are that it may have contaminated water. There could be viruses and bacteria that can risk your health. While clearing a blockage might seem easy, there could be hidden, additional problems. You need to ensure that the overflow won’t reoccur.

4. Sewer Backup

sewage contains any waste products that were removed from your home. If the sewer line has a backup, however, it can cause pathogens, odours, and times to make their way indoors, resulting in a severe health hazard. Your bathroom facilities and running water will suffer. Whether a sewer backup has resulted from a tree root intrusion, a broken pipe, or a blockage, its reason enough to get in touch with an emergency plumber.

5. Clogged Drains

While you might feel that a plunger is the answer, and while it can be effective, a clogged drain can result from hidden causes. Ultimately, this can lead to uncontrollable rising water. If your drain continues to clog or if you have multiple drains clogging, you should call an emergency plumber. If you have a rarely-used drain affected, it may be that a sewer problem is the cause.

6. The Shower Water is Freezing

Cold water from the shower can have quite an effect when you first feel it. But then you realise that something is very wrong. Cold showers are often a result of a problem with the hot water heater. You can check the gas lighter’s pilot light or the unit’s breaker box. If flicking a switch doesn’t solve the problem or you can hear rattling noises, get in touch with an emergency plumber.

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