Why You Should Never Gift A Car For The Holidays

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Why You Should Never Gift A Car For The Holidays

The holidays are upon us so it's only natural that you want to give your spouse the best gift you can think of. But for many, their first choice might end in disaster.

Countless people want to gift their spouse with a new car during the holidays. After all, there are innumerable car ads bombarding our television with end-of-year sales and holiday deals. When potential auto buyers spend nearly 60% of their time researching cars, they might come across hundreds of advertisements in the process.

Unfortunately, this is one of the worst ideas you could come up with for the holidays.

A car is a huge investment, especially if you buy from a luxury dealer like Lexus or Mercedes.  Before you drop more than $75,000 on a new Lexus LS500, you need to discuss your financial plan with your spouse.

If you wouldn't be willing to pay for a new car at another time during the year, there's no justification to buy it now. Unless your car finally kicked the bucket or you're a bonafide millionaire, you should probably stick to more practical options for the holidays this year.

Instead of buying a car, here are some great auto accessories that can improve the longevity and experience of driving a car, new or used.

A new paint job

Fixing up your car's exterior can help you fall in love with it all over again. If your spouse's car is looking a little beat up, consider taking it into an auto repair shop or getting the proper tools to fix it up yourself.

White has been the number one choice for car colors in North America since 2006. It's stylish, but definitely shows wear and tear more than other colors. Clean it up and seal it with a proper clear coat to improve the longevity of your car's body.

A dash cam

No one ever expects to be in an accident, but it could happen at any time. As such, you need the proper protection to ensure you get compensation for your injuries. A dashboard camera is the perfect tool to record your driving and prove that another car was at fault for your accident. Try to get one small enough that it doesn't block your vision while you drive.

A phone mount

Nowadays, our phones do more than just take the occasional call. They've also become our radio, news source, and GPS navigator. While you should never operate your phone while driving, pulling up the navigation screen on your phone before you hit the road allows for a hands-free driving experience when you have a good car mount.

Instead of buying a new car this year, why not invest in the tools you already have? Try these gifts when you're stuck searching for that last-minute holiday gift.

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