Will the Metaverse Bring About a Rise in Casino Tournaments?

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Will the Metaverse Bring About a Rise in Casino Tournaments?

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One of the greatest success stories of the internet age is the rise of online casinos, and expectations are high about how the behemoth industry will evolve further in Web3. When the metaverse becomes mainstream in the 2030s, it’s widely expected that there will be an upsurge of virtual reality casinos.

In this setting, there will be new ways to play and fresh ideas about how to present the games to players. It could bring about an increase in casino tournaments that encourage social interaction.

Increasing Instances of Networked Games

There are already indications that the online casino industry could move towards becoming a more integrated ecosystem in which players can interact and compete alongside one another. An example of this is when players use one daily free spin on Paddy’s Wonder Wheel and add to a network pooled jackpot. Everyone who plays at the same site can add to this pot, and it pays out to lucky winners. It also has minor prizes such as free spins to use on slot games.

The concept of networking in the online casino industry has existed for a long time, with progressive jackpot games offering all players a chance to win a shared prize fund. Now, lucky wheels have taken that idea further. This suggests that the concept of collaboration and networking between players could be expanded on again, and that’s something that could be achieved in the metaverse.

Casino Tournaments Can Encourage Social Interaction

Casino tournaments aren’t a new concept, but they are growing in prevalence in the internet age. Poker has always been a game that’s best played among groups of players, but now other offerings like roulette, blackjack, and slots are being used in casino tournaments as well.

When players take part in casino tournaments, they can get a sense of the interactive aspect of the online casino industry and move away from it simply being an individual experience. It can currently be done through live streaming, but the VR metaverse could enhance that even more.

In the metaverse scenario proposed by Mark Zuckerberg and his Meta company, players may be able to see virtual avatars of other players around them during these tournaments. They could act as a way to promote the metaverse and get more people interested in the futuristic platform.

Metaverse Casinos Could be Massive for the Industry

The online casino industry is continuing to balloon in size, with Mordor Intelligence noting it will have a CAGR of 11.49 percent over the next five years. The reason why it keeps growing is because it always adapts to new technology when it emerges. There’s no doubt that it will incorporate VR as soon as this platform enters the mainstream.

Not only could online casinos boost the metaverse, but the metaverse could also take the casino industry to a new level. If players are able to walk around in VR casinos, they will become bustling social settings.

When the metaverse comes to fruition, online casinos will take a step into this VR world. It will most likely bring about more social elements to the games, which could take the shape of casino tournaments.

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