11 Incredible Winter Destinations Everyone Should Have On Their Bucket List

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11 Places That Prove Winter Is The Most Beautiful Season

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Every season has something beautiful to offer.

Spring is an exciting time as you watch the leaves turn green, summer involves a lot of beach-going and fun activities, fall is famous for its fall foliage, and winter is stunning for its picturesque landscapes.

While a lot of people despise the cold, these winter wonderlands are worth a visit at least once in your lifetime!

1. Lake Tahoe, California

lake tahoe
Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake situated between the border of Nevada and California.high_mountain_mike - Instagram

If you and your family have the adventurous spirit, this lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains offers stunning views and thrilling winter activities.

There are more than 60 miles of trails for skiers to traverse, snowmobile tours, and tube and sled rides.

When it's time to wind down and relax, there are cozy local cafes in South Lake Tahoe that are surrounded by wood stoves and stone fireplaces.

2. Iceland

Iceland offers something for everyone. voyageprive_fr - Instagram / Shared

Contrary to popular opinion, Iceland isn't as icy as you'd think, and Greenland isn't as green.

In fact, it's the opposite, but Iceland does get some nice snow during the coldest months of the year.

Since the island is situated up north, the country has an incredible view of the Northern Lights.

There's so much else you can see on this small country, like majestic waterfalls, black sand beaches, glaciers, and gorgeous mountain ranges.

And when you're ready to relax, head over to the famous Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa that's great for your skin!

3. Alaska

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The northernmost state is usually where people go off-the-grid, but there's a good reason why people make their way north.

The average daytime temperatures in winter is 5 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite cold, but it shouldn't scare you away from enjoying the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska.

There's so much to do and see here, such as watching the world-famous Iditarod dog race, or going on a dogsled tour yourself.

You can also see some incredible views of the Northern Lights, which is an experience everyone should have on their bucket list!

4. Patagonia, Argentina & Chile

The Patagonia region is shared by Argentina and Chile. michiwohlleben - Instagram / jupiterglenn - Instagram

The southernmost tip of South America offers some of the most enchanting views of ancient forests, glaciers, wildlife, and mountains.

The views of this region will leave you speechless, so much so that you're going to have a hard time putting your camera down!

Patagonia is also a great location for whale and penguin watching, and empty beaches. It even has a dinosaur discovery that stores more than 1,700 fossil remains of plant and marine life.

5. Alberta, Canada

banff national park
Banff National Park is in the province of Alberta. calsnape - Instagram

Banff National Park and Lake Louise are considered to be some of the best winter getaways, and for good reasons.

The national park is rated as the top place in the world to ski, but there's much more to do in this region.

If you love ice skating, horse-drawn sleigh rides, tubing, and snowshoeing, you'll love it here.

When you're tired of all that fun, you can enjoy the ice magic festival that happens in January and the stunning restaurants that offer an amazing view of the winter wonderland.

6. Norway

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If you're not a fan of cold weather, but love snow, you need to book a flight to this Nordic country.

The Gulf Stream helps to keep the country warmer so you don't have to worry about freezing your butt off.

If you love sightseeing, check out the Northern Lights and the gorgeous Scandinavian architecture. You can also spend a night in a snow hotel and sail the arctic waters, taking in the breathtaking winter landscape.  

If you're looking for adventure, Norway offers every winter sport, from skiing to curling.

7. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

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If you want to smell air so crisp that your organs thank you, make your way to the majestic Swiss Alps.  

There's so many gorgeous places to visit in the alpine region of the small country, which makes it great for winter sports enthusiasts!

While there's a lot of mesmerizing peaks to gaze at, you can also enjoy sightseeing in the adorable small towns.

St. Moritz, the Jungfrau region, Davos, and Interlaken are just a few places that will wow you.

8. Montana  

Big Sky, Montana
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When most people think of mountainous regions in America, they think of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Of course, those ranges are a winter paradise, but there are a lot of underrated landscapes in other states like Montana and Wyoming.

A majority of Americans visit national parks in the summer, but visiting Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks in the winter is arguably better. You'll get a chance to see more of the wildlife and experience the serenity of the park.

Some parts of the park may not be accessible by car, but you can explore this terrain by dog sled, snow shoe, snowmobile, or skis.

9. Japan

Illuminations at Mie Prefecture's Nabana no Sato (left) and Jigokudani Snow Monkey Hot Spring (right). godive2000 - Instagram / calsnape - Instagram

Japan is most famous for its cherry blossom trees during springtime, but the months before it have some equally breathtaking views.

The soft snow that covers Japanese temples are definitely a sight to see, but there's a lot more to do in this country during wintertime.

For example, the snow monkey hot spring in Yudanaka is the perfect place to spot adorable Japanese macaques.

There are also a lot of impressive festivals in Japan with brilliant light shows, such as Yuki Matsuri, which takes place in Sapporo.

If you want to see the biggest show in the country, head over to Mie Prefecture for the Nabana no Sato Winter Illumination, which has around 7 million LED bulbs!

10. Colorado

glenwoodcaverns - Instagram / swopes - Instagram

The western U.S. state has loads to offer in the winter, especially when it comes to winter sports.

But that's not all, Colorado has some thrilling amusement rides during these months, but they're not as frightening as they sound. You'll get a chance to enjoy the breathtaking views while winding down a coaster track.

If you really want a thrill, go down a tubing hill. The one at Frisco Adventure Park features a 1,200-foot tubing lane!

If you're just interested in the picturesque views, simply driving around this area is breathtaking.

11. New York City

New York City winter
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NYC might not be considered a winter getaway in many travel books, but there are actually a lot of fun and beautiful things to see during this time.

Despite the cold weather, the concrete jungle gives off a warm ambiance, especially during the holiday season.

There's something quite special about walking in the city's streets and alleyways. You'll have to experience it yourself to understand what I mean!

Which winter wonderland is on your bucket list?

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