The Weather Channel Unveiled This Year's List Of Storm Names, And They're Already Parent-Approved

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The Weather Channel Unveiled This Year's List Of Storm Names, And They're Already Parent-Approved

It turns out kids are a lot like winter storms: they enter your life with a lot of drama, and leave a big mess wherever they go.

Earlier this year we answered the age old question, "Who names hurricanes anyways?" It turns out there's sadly no way to submit your name (or your significant other's) to be given to the next hurricane. Instead, a U.N. body called the World Meteorological Organization hands out the names.

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They don't really "pick" them either: the organization just cycles through 6 sets of 21 different names, which are in alphabetical order and flip between male and female names. The set of names changes each year, and there are separate sets for storms in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


But what's really surprising is that winter storms don't get names - at least not from the U.N. or the National Weather Service. The Weather Channel only started naming snowstorms in 2011, so they could be easily turned into social media hashtags.

This year, the channel took inspiration from parents across the country, so don't be surprised if you recognize a few of the names that made the list...

In past years, the channel picked out boring Greek letter names, or short first names that were easy to spell. But this year, they thought outside the box.

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The channel took the list of America's most popular baby names in 2016, removed any that are found on the hurricane name lists, and trimmed it again to find the most interesting and unique entries.

You can learn more about the names and what they mean on the channel's website.

The results should be pretty familiar if you have a young child, or a new grandchild. Some of the names on this year's list have already happened, with winter storm Benji leaving 150,000 people without power earlier this month.

The Weather Channel isn't afraid to do things a little differently either. While hurricanes are never named with Q, U, X, Y or Z, the winter storm list includes "Xanto," which comes from the ancient Greek word for "blonde."

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