A New 'Wizard Of Oz' TV Show is Officially In The Works

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A New 'Wizard Of Oz' TV Show is Officially In The Works


We're off to see the wonderful wizard, again!

Despite there already being nearly 30 different film, television, and stage adaptations of one of the most beloved stories of all time, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, we're about to get another one.

According to Variety, a new TV show set in the land of Oz from L. Frank Baum's novels is currently being developed by Legendary Entertainment.

Unlike the previous adaptations, including the 1939 Oscar-winning film that turned Judy Garland into a household name, the upcoming untitled series will focus on the characters from the books who weren't previously explored. There are a total of 14 novels so there will be plenty of characters and story lines to work with.

The new story will be written and produced by Ed Ricourt, whose past work includes Marvel's Jessica Jones and Now You See Me. He also recently contributed to Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone reboot and Netflix's upcoming Raising Don series.  

The plot will be based on the long-exiled witch's dreaded return to Oz. Her arrival brings fear, division, and war, and "the only hope is a servant girl who may become the most powerful and dangerous woman in the land."


Although fans of Baum's novels have expressed their excitement over the news, there are many who remain skeptical.

Many of the past projects related to the Wizard of Oz franchise have not been very successful or as magical as the original film. In 2013, a Disney released Oz The Great and Powerful, a prequel starring James Franco, but it was a box-office miss.

Emerald City, the 2017 NBC series set in the land of Oz, was axed after only one season on air.

More details about the project, including the cast and director, will be made available in due time.

Are you looking forward to another adaptation of the Wizard of Oz? Let us know in the comments!

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