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Woman Gives Birth Following High Speed Car Chase

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A South Carolina woman gave birth to a baby girl on New Years Day, after she and her partner were involved in a high speed police chase.

The police rang their sirens at Carl Alewine and Tiffani Von Glahnon while they were on their way to Charleston’s MUSC hospital in the early hours of the morning.

"When the one cop hit his lights behind us, I thought, 'I could stop, but my wife is screaming that the baby is almost here,'” Alewine told WCBD.

However, before the couple could make it to the hospital, police managed to pull them over, and their daughter, Anastasia, was born on the interstate, three weeks premature.

Alewine and Von Glahnon explained to authorities they were going close to 90 miles per hour, as they were alerted there could be potential complications due to her high-risk pregnancy, and were afraid they wouldn’t have made it to the medical center in time.

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