Woman Gives Birth in Office Bathroom, Hides Baby in Desk Drawer

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Woman Gives Birth in Office Bathroom, Hides Baby in Desk Drawer

When a Michigan woman unexpectedly delivers a baby boy in the bathroom at her workplace, what happens next will shock and anger most people.

"It truly was a tragedy and it was surprising obviously in the manner that it occurred," Detective Crittenden said.

After giving birth to a baby boy in the toilet at her workplace, Kimberly Pappas pulled him out and cut the umbilical cord with cuticle scissors. She then reportedly stuffed him into a plastic bag, along with the placenta, and placed it in her desk drawer.

Later, Kimberly wasn't feeling well and emergency crews and police were called in.

"The baby was still warm when rescue personnel found him," Detective Crittenden said.

Kimberly told police that she had a miscarriage, but the Medical Examiner's report revealed that the full-term baby was alive and died of asphyxiation.

"She indicated she had a miscarriage and that the remains were inside her desk," Detective Kevin Crittenden with the Redford Police Department said.

Kimberly was a temporary worker at CEVA logistics. Employees called the police after they discovered the pool of blood in the bathroom from the birth. The baby was said to have been hidden in the desk for about 30 minutes before he was discovered by authorities.

She had previously denied her pregnancy, according to her sister and co-worker Cassandra Pappas. She never bought baby items or discussed her options including abortion and adoption. Police had later learned that she had known she was pregnant since before Christmas, but hadn't received any prenatal care.

Under Michigan law, parents are allowed to anonymously surrender their newborn babies to authorities within 72 hours.

Kimberly plead guilty to second-degree murder chargers. She will see between 9-20 years behind bars for her crime.

25-year-old Kimberly had been living with her parents at the time.

"I just want to thank my family," Kimberly told the judge and her family at a sentencing hearing. "The pain, grief and and regret I have really can't be put into words and is going to be with me the rest of my life."

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