A Woman Jumps On Her Car To Stop A Thief From Driving Away With It

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A Woman Jumps On Her Car To Stop A Thief From Driving Away With It


How much do you love your car? Would you be willing to put your own life on the line to stop someone from stealing it? One woman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin decided that she loved her SUV enough to put her body in the line of fire in order to stop a carjacker from being able to make a clean getaway.  

ABC News

In May 2017, 27-year-old Melissa Smith was pumping gas at a local Milwaukee station when a black car suddenly rolled into the parking lot. The man who got out of the car quietly made his way over to her white SUV and jumped into the driver's set. That's when things started to get a little crazy, and we got to see what Melissa Smith was truly made of.


Instead of moving away to safety and calling police, Smith decided that she would attempt to stop the carjacking on her own, by leaping onto the hood of the vehicle and hanging on like her life depended on it, and frankly, it sort of did.

Before she even knew what she was really doing, she had jumped up on to the hood of her own vehicle, and cemented her hands and feet into place. This guy was not going to be making an easy getaway.

"It's one of those holy s--t moments," Smith told WTMJ.

Smith obviously had some strong reservations about losing her vehicle, and she decided that it wasn't going to be the day that she was carjacked for the first time.

The would be carjacker apparently had no problems with hurting Smith. As she held on, the carjacker decided to swerve back and forth in an attempt to throw her from the front of the SUV.

"He laughed at me the entire time, so zero remorse," she said.


Smith started screaming at the top of her lungs, hoping to attract some attention from nearby people. That tactic finally worked, as the carjacker decided to give up on the attempt, but not before running off with Smith's phone, wallet and purse.

"I can't believe that I reacted like that," Smith said. "I probably think I'm tougher than I really am."

Would you be willing to risk your life to stop a carjacker?