Woman Refused Service At Nail Salon For Being "Too Big"

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Woman Refused Service At Nail Salon For Being "Too Big"

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Every once and a while, we all deserve to be pampered.

Whether it's getting a massage or putting on a face mask, practicing self-care can boost anyone's mood.

However, when one South Carolina woman decided to treat herself to a pedicure, she was told too overweight to be served.

Amanda Wolfenbarger went to a salon in Conway called Nail Spa, where she said a man brought her to a chair and had her soak her toes for 10 minutes.

When he returned, he asked her how much she weighed.

"It was embarrassing. You get that knot in your stomach and your heart drops a little bit," Wolfenbarger told WMBF News, adding that she refused to disclose her weight.

Wolfenbarger claims the nail technician pointed to a sign that bluntly read, "We are not accepting any person over 250 lb. for pedicure service, sorry!"

She said the nail technician told her she was "too big" and would "break the chair," before asking her to leave.

"Why even sit me?" Wolfenbarger continued. "There's a more tactful way of approaching someone and he could have explained it at the counter."

"It was inappropriate the way it had been placed on there," Smith said. "It was actually in a rude manner."

Amanda Wolfenbarger and a friend
Amanda Wolfenbarger (left) and a friendAmanda Wolfenbarger/Facebook

Crystal Smith is a Nail Spa customer and said the sign was poorly written.

"It was inappropriate the way it had been placed on there," Smith told WMFB. "It was actually in a rude manner," adding she will be redoing the sign in a more tactful manner.

According to WMBF, the nail salon's owner, Tina Bui, apologized to Wolfenbarger and explained the rule is in place because the chairs have weight limits.

She added that while the rule is intended "for customer safety," she hopes to make amends.

"[I'm] sorry that happened today and made my customer [who] came to my nail shop unhappy and hurt her feelings," Bui told the news channel. "I tried to say sorry ... that happened to her.

Bui continued by explaining that if there was anything she could do to make it up to her she's "really happy to do [it]."

But despite the apology, Wolfenbarger said she won't be returning to the nail salon any time soon.

"She said "˜I'm sorry this happened to you. I can't help it,'" Wolfenbarger said in an interview with The State. "I can accept an apology, but I'm not going to put myself in position where it could happen again. I'm not going back."

Wolfenbarger said that while other nail salons offered her their services for a pedicure, she just hopes other businesses will make sure every customer is treated with respect.

"Treat your customers nicely, they are spending a lot of money. Everybody is not the same size, everybody is not in the same situation. Make an effort and be grateful for your clients."

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