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Woman Spends $700 A Month To Transform Her Toddler Into A Beauty Pageant Princess

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A mother-of-two is spending $700 a month to transform her toddler into a successful beauty queen.

For the past two years, Ali Piper, 32, has entered her three-year-old daughter, Ruby-River, in beauty pageants after she noticed her youngster loved being on stage.

According to the Daily Mirror, the mother-daughter duo soon became addicted to participating in the glamorous hobby.

"Ruby absolutely loves pageants and they've certainly boosted her confidence," Piper said. "She struts her stuff down the street and pouts like a pro. She's definitely a little diva now."

The money, which amounts to about $8,400 a year, is spent on dresses and entry fees. Despite her flashy attire, Piper said she won't let Ruby-River wear makeup or have a fake tan until she's at least four years old.

Piper explained her daughter had little confidence before she entered pageant life, but her daughter has since broken out of her shell.

"As a child, I suffered with crippling shyness and would hide myself away from other kids at school," the stay-at-home mom said. "But I did acting classes as a teenager which made me bubbly and outgoing."

"My son CJ, now 12, has always been loud and confident, but I panicked that Ruby-River would be quiet like I was," Piper added. "I was determined to bring her out of her shell."

Piper, who hails from Tyldesley, England, said she was inspired to enter her daughter into these competitions after watching TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras.

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