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One Man's Garden Of Monstrous Vegetables Has Earned Him Seven World Records Carrot Museum

John Evans is a horticultural genius. He is the true definition of having a "green thumb". The gardener based out of Alaska currently holds 8 world records for growing absolutely gargantuan vegetables.


John Evans has gardened in Ireland, Wales, the Philippines, Minnesota, Arizona, and his current home of Alaska. But his first gardening experience was following his grandmother while she would do her weeding. He was growing Sweet William to sell at the market by the time he was 8. It is almost as if he was born to grow things. Carrot Museum

Evans invented the Bountea Growing System and this has allowed him to grow vegetables so large that he currently holds seven world records for his monstrous veggies.

Check out his record setting vegetable...

His current record holders are so impressive that without the pictures and witnesses to back them up, they would all be hard to believe.

1. Celery - 49.1 pounds

2. Kale - 28 pounds

3. Kohlrabi - 39.5 pounds

4. Garden Beet - 42.75 pounds

5. Carrot - 18.985 pounds

6. Broccoli - 35 pounds

7. Red Cabbage - 42.25 pounds

John Evans isn't the only person in the world to grow monstrous vegetables. Check out this video showing your some of the largest vegetables ever grown.

Do you think you would make an attempt to grow something this large?