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World's Greatest School Bus Driver Hand-Made A Toy For Every Kid On Her Route

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When we put our kids on the bus, we expect that they will be looked after and get to school safely. Every afternoon, we thank our bus driver for carefully chauffeuring our little ones that day. While some driver's we get to know on a first name basis, others just give a gentle nod and are on their way.

Wisconsin bus driver Trudy Serres is someone that both parents and students will never forget.

“She is the best,” parent Peggy Lamon, who has three children who ride on Serres’ bus, told ABC News. “She can control them. She is their second mom when they’re on her bus. She’s just amazing. She does everything for these kids. She’s very loving and caring, and I love her. I am so grateful she is going to be our bus driver next year.”

It all started when one of Lamon's sons, Vincent who is 10-years-old, dared Serres to make a crocheted taco after he notice her hobby while boarding the bus.

Serres started crocheting 4 years ago with a basic single stitch and worked her way up to using patterns by watching YouTube videos.

She would practice her hobby while she was waiting for kids to board her bus. That's when Vincent made his request.

“His favorite food is tacos, so finally one day I said, ‘Fine, I’ll try to make it,’ and two days a later I think I had it done,” the 43-year-old bus driver recalled.

Once she finished the taco, most of the students on her route wanted one too.

“I made the taco and gave it to Vincent in the morning, and every student that got on after him -- he had to show them, and said, ‘Look what Mrs. Trudy made,'" said Serres.

That's when she went down the rows of kids headed for Summit Elementary School in Oconomowoc and asked for their special orders.

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