World's Luckiest Couple Hit Double Jackpot In Unlikely Circumstances

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World's Luckiest Couple Hit Double Jackpot In Unlikely Circumstances

Daily Mail

Most married couples like to think that they have won the lottery with their partners, and look forward every day to waking up and seeing them on the other side of the bed is the biggest prize that they could win.

That doesn't stop them dreaming of making their lives better together. Whether it's a make-over, a vacation, or a new home, we want to set goals with our spouses as something to work towards.

While for most people they remain as dreams, sometimes fate intervenes and people are handed what they have worked for their whole lives.

One married couple in Massachusetts prove that one good turn deserves another, when they found themselves the recipients of the universe's version of a double whammy.

It all started last August when Janet Goodwin won $1 million through the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. She and her husband, Robert, were overjoyed.

Little did they know, this was just the start of their new lives as the world's luckiest couple.

Jane had entered the sweepstakes earlier in 2017, but didn't find out she had won the contest until she returned from a ferry trip with a friend of hers.

She was greeted with a crowd of her friends and coworkers who cheered her on as she was handed the check and a bouquet of roses.

"You are kidding me," she said, hardly able to contain her surprise. "Oh my God."

But if she found this hard to believe, then she must have been knocked to the floor when her husband found out they had won another $1 million dollar jackpot off of a $5 instant ticket.

Robert accepted a $650,000 lump-sum last week and the couple have already started planning for their new future together.

"Just got lucky, just got very lucky," said Jane. "We made some gifts, and we paid off all our bills."

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Posted by PCH Publishers Clearing House on Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Goodwins say that they plan on buying a new home someplace where they don't have to deal with snow anymore.

What would you do if you and your partner won a double jackpot?