Would You Ever Try This Flavor Of Ice Cream?


Would You Ever Try This Flavor Of Ice Cream?

Everyone loves a good Twinkie. And to anyone who says they don't, stop lying.

The cake, the cream, the sugary goodness. It's the perfect nostalgic snack.

Now we get to enjoy the Twinkie in a much better way. Ice cream.

That's right! Hostess is releasing 3 new ice cream flavors, all centered around the company's most popular snack cakes. Customers will get Twinkie, SnoBall, and CupCake flavored ice cream headed their way.

The flavors weren't supposed to be released just yet, but Twinkie and SnoBall ice cream was spotted on the shelves at grocery stores in Ohio and West Virginia.

The newest ice cream flavors won't be available for too long, though. The company only plans to keep them on the shelves until May. So if you want to try them out, you'll have to act fast!

Some people aren't too excited about the new flavor.

"Lol YUCK!  Yep right up there with bacon flavored ice cream=GROSS!"

"Just what America needs, more sugary foods."

Personally, I'd try it before getting all up in arms about it. Would you?

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