Watch: Last Minute Pick To Sing National Anthem Stunned The Crowd


Watch: Last Minute Pick To Sing National Anthem Stunned The Crowd

Mia Richardson - Facebook

When his chance at stardom arrived out of the blue, 17-year-old high school wrestler Isaac Bryant was asleep.

But that didn't stop that multi-talented student from impressing a crowd at a local wrestling meet with his impromptu performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" - once he woke up, that is.

Bryant, a country singer who idolizes Hank Williams, became a viral star after a woman in the crowd recorded his stellar take on the national anthem and shared it on Facebook.

Isaac Bryant
Bryant stepped up when a pre-recorded version of the anthem stopped working.Mia Richardson - Facebook

The singer from Ohio revealed to Inside Edition that he was asleep as the call went out for a volunteer to perform at the last minute, when event organizers couldn't play a pre-recorded version as they planned.

One of Bryant's friends shook him out of the nap he was taking and urged him to raise his hand.

While Bryant's friends know he's a singer, who performs in choir and school musicals, nobody was expecting the smooth, baritone voice that Bryant showed off when he picked up the microphone.

"I just sang from the bottom of my heart," Bryant told ABC 6.

Division III District Wrestling Championships@ Troy, Ohio. The announcer asked if there was anyone who could sing the National Anthem, since they didn't have one for the night. This young wrestler stepped up and it was awesome! *Isaac Bryant, Mechanisburg High School

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The wrestler received a huge round of applause when his performance wrapped up, but later admitted it was his first time singing the anthem solo anywhere but the shower.

And while it may have been a little intimidating to sing acapella, Bryan didn't even think of passing up the opportunity.

"I'm an American," he said. "Anything I can do to help America and not worry about myself for a little bit... is the right thing to do."

The viral video of his performance - which has racked up more than 675,000 views in only a few weeks - has already earned Bryant another gig: he'll perform for Medal of Honor recipients at a special ceremony in D.C. next week.  

Plus, he's made appearances on both local news and Fox & Friends since finding fame.

But Bryant has even bigger dreams for his music career, including a wish to perform at Renfro Valley in Kentucky, where his musical hero Hank Williams once made a name for himself.

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