Young and The Restless Star Speaks Out After Stalking Incident


Former Young & The Restless Star Speaks Out After Scary Stalker Incident


Millions of boys and girls grow up with the goal of being in the spotlight. Whether it's an actor or singer, so many people want to call Hollywood home. Behind the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity however there's a serious trade off. One former The Young and The Restless star learned this in a frightening way.

Last month Max Ehrich, who played hunk Fenmore Baldwin from 2012 - 2015, posted a scary message to his legion of social media followers.

Ehrich has had steady work since leaving the beloved soap, appearing in American Princess and Under The Dome among many other credits. His social media following numbers over a million, and many expressed concern after the post.

The stalking appeared to escalate. TMZ reported that Ehrich awoke to his stalker, a prominent Los Angeles real estate agent, holding a gun.

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A source told the online news agency that Ehrich had viewed a house the realtor was selling, when the agent became infatuated. After an aggressive sexual overture was rebuffed by the star the deranged man became outraged.

After the incident Ehrich went into hiding. Hiring a security team and alerting the police. On October 16 a post on Instagram appeared to show a security guard at the foot of a bed.

Ehrich told his following that he was taking a break from social media while the police investigated his claims.

There's been next to no update since, although Ehrich did thank his fans for their support in a social media post on October 30.

"I wanted to avoid talking about my stalker incident any further, but I just wanted to thank you all for the countless messages, love, and support you have shown me," Ehrich said.

It's unclear if the real estate agent is now facing charges, but Ehrich shared a headline from TMZ about the incident with the caption: That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger 2018.

While he appears to have emerged from the situation unscathed, he has a very valid warning for those who are frequent posters on social media.

"Social media is a great tool," he wrote to his fans. "But please be careful sharing your locations. To all the kids following me - please don't ever put the location to where you are."

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Ehrich is just one of many celebrities who have had scary encounters this year. Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and many others have gone to court for restraining orders in recent months. In May,Sandra Bullock's stalker was killed in a confrontation with police.

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