You Can Find A Cure To Your Stress In Your Fruit Bowl

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You Can Find A Cure To Your Stress In Your Fruit Bowl

We all have stress. Stress is just a part of life everyone has to deal with, but that doesn't make it any more fun.

We all need some easy ways to soothe our anxious brains and there happens to be a rather simple one we have all been overlooking: citrus fruits!

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed, maybe take a moment and sniff an orange! Trust us, it works.

Scientists did a study and tested participants in a series of stressful situations and had them smell either orange oil, tea tree oil or water. Those who sniffed the orange oil experienced less stress than the other two groups both during the stress tests and for a significant amount of time after.

Oranges aren't the only super fruit either! Here is what the other citrus scents can do for you.

Grapefruit: The scent of grapefruits is often thought to curb depression and enhance memory. It also boosts the metabolism and reduces food cravings.

Lemon: It can help improve your cognitive performance and mood.

Mandarin: It reduces nausea and improves digestion all while simultaneously reducing stress.

So head out and pick up some citrus oils now to improve your mood!