You Probably Still Think These Foods Are Bad For You, They Aren't


You Probably Still Think These Foods Are Bad For You, They Aren't

What to eat and how much changes about as often as our commitments to eating healthy. It's nearly impossible to separate old wives tales from scientific fact, which is probably why so many of us still think that these foods are bad for you.

New understanding of how our body digests foods has completely changed the way we view some foods. That means you've probably been avoiding some of these tasty treats when you don't need to.

1. Potatoes


Even though we know them as a vegetable, most of us still think potatoes are unhealthy. Although it's true that these tasty taters contain a lot of calories, they're also full of vitamin C, B vitamins and even minerals. They can also be even more healthy depending on how you prepare them, and yes that means that fries don't count. Cooking and then cooling your potatoes, think potato salad, can change the starch in potatoes so that it acts more like fiber. We all know we need fiber!

2. Dairy

Total Wellbeing

Cheese has always been a guilty pleasure, but what if I told you that you could eat your cheddar and not feel like a cheater. Dairy, meaning cheese, butter, milk etc., contains lots of proteins and calcium. Yes fat content is high but, sit down for this, fat isn't bad for you! Our bodies actually need it in moderation. You can over-do it on dairy so if you need a guide just think: Sticks good, bricks bad.

3. Margarine


Years ago households made the switch to margarine over butter because it was cheaper and lasted longer. Then we switched back because study after study linked margarine to heart-stopping trans fats. Companies took notice and now it's actually hard to find a margarine that isn't trans fat free. That means that you can get your spread with less calories and more shelf-life and not worry about your arteries, just make sure that "hydrogenated vegetable oil" isn't one of the ingredients.

4. Eggs


Most of us do actually think eggs are healthy, but you've probably heard that they are high in cholesterol, the thing most of us think about when we think of heart disease. You're right, eggs are high in cholesterol, but there's two types, good and bad cholesterol, guess which type is found in eggs. Eggs have lots of other benefits too, including vitamins and minerals hard to get in other foods. So feel free to keep cracking away without care.

Feeling hungry? Go get a formerly taboo treat!

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