You'll Never Guess The Reason For These Giant Holes

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You'll Never Guess The Reason For These Giant Holes

Hong Kong is a gigantic city lined with towering skyscrapers as far as the eye can see. Take a look at the skyline and you won't help but be able to notice something.

Go on, take a look.

Hong Kong

Many buildings in Hong Kong have holes, right in the middle of them.

With a population of over 7 million people you'd think that space would be at a premium, but these giant holes exist in so many buildings.

Why? Dragons. And Feng Shui

Seriously. The holes are designed to let dragons fly through them unobstructed from the hills to the sea. Blocking the path results in bad Feng Shui which impacts the energy of the entire city.

Feng Shui
Amusing Planet

It was a fad in North America a few years ago, but it's a big deal in China. Architects and engineers are required to learn it before practicing their craft.

Whether or not there are dragons, and whether or not those dragons will go through the holes, there's no arguing that the buildings end up looking pretty neat.

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