Watch: Cop Thanks Young Men Who Rushed To Help Elderly Couple


Watch: Cop Thanks Young Men Who Rushed To Help Elderly Couple

Kanesha Carnegie - Facebook

A trio of young men earned a salute from a police officer after she caught them performing a random act of kindness on camera.

Officer Kenesha Carnegie of Bronson, Florida was on the scene when a pair of senior citizens were struggling to get in their car.

Rose Grist, 89, and her husband David, a 100-year-old former U.S. Army colonel, were seen staggering to their vehicle at a gas station. Three friends, who had stopped at the same station to use the washroom, were quick to offer help to the elderly couple.

Good deed
The young men didn't hesitate to lend a hand.Kanesha Carnegie - Facebook

"I look over and three men were assisting the couple "” it was a beautiful thing to see," Carnegie told Yahoo.

Carnegie asked the men for permission to tape them, then filmed them guiding Rose into her car seat and carrying David's walker.

"I know these men from the neighborhood, and I wanted them to have that moment to show who they really are," Carnegie said.

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Posted by Kanesha Carnegie on Monday, January 28, 2019

Marty, one of the men in the video, says he didn't think twice before offering to help the couple - or even ask them first.

"We didn't even ask if they needed help "” we felt comfortable giving them a hand right away," he said.

"I kept thinking, 'She could have been my grandmother.' 100 years old if a beautiful life."

Rose was on the way to a doctor's appointment, but was so worn out from using the gas station bathroom that she could barely walk to her car.

"She was so tired," said Stoe, another one of the men from the video. "She could barely walk."

Good deed
Rose, 89, was too exhausted to reach her car without help.Kanesha Carnegie - Facebook

In a twist of fate, the couple's grandson, Tommy, just happened to scroll by the video on Facebook after it was shared last week.

"I was scrolling through and saw my grandmother's purple outfit," he said. "Praise these guys for helping them."

Tommy says his grandparents probably have no idea they're in a viral video - which has already been watched more than 5 million times - but he hopes to thank the young men in person for helping them out.

[H/T: Yahoo]

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