Your Daily Dose Of Caffeine Just Got A Bit Chewy

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Your Daily Dose Of Caffeine Just Got A Bit Chewy

Who has time for a cup of coffee anymore? What we all need is something a bit more concentrated and quick to ingest.

Well, lucky for you there is a new invention that will get that caffeine buzz to your brain a lot faster and it is in chewable form. That's right, chewable coffee.

Go Cubes claim to be "the future of coffee". They are little bite sized cubes that each have the equivalent of a half a cup of coffee in them so two would get you the same kick as normal. They also have some extra benefits added in.

They have "reduced the jitteriness of caffeine and added nootropics for a well-rounded, steady and focused feel." That way, you get all the energy without all the focus problems.

Go Cubes are currently available in three flavors: Mocha, Pure Drip and Latte.

"Go Cubes give you the kick of coffee with the relaxation of tea. This effect is created with our scientifically validated formulation which includes L-theanine which is found in green tea, and other nootropics." - Statement on company website.

You can get the Go Cubes Sampler which is 6 of the 4 packs for $14 or a Go Cubes Box which contains 20 of the 4 packs for $35.

Would you ever try something like this or would you rather just drink a cup of coffee?

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