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Ziploc Introduces Their New Clothing Line, And Everyone Has An Opinion About It


The reusable brand of bags and containers millions of Americans know and love is branching off into the world of fashion.

Ziploc has collaborated with Japanese clothing company BEAMS to create a collection of transparent items, and people have a lot of opinions about it.

This collaboration features everything from clothes to accessories.

Here are a few images from their fashion line. You won't be disappointed.

This backpack would be cute if it only had the brand's name written once. Like we get it, Ziploc was behind this masterpiece.

A Ziploc apron? Now that's an idea I get on board with!

This looks like a DIY project that went totally right, but, again, the multiple logos are off-putting.

This plastic handbag costs more than $100! I'd rather lug around a large freezer bag.

Do you like what you see?

BEAMS pop-up shops have been selling their Ziploc collections since August 15, but you can buy your favorite items beginning August 20.

How trendy is wearing plastic? Apparently more than you think.

I'm not a fan of plastic items in general, but I have to say I'm intrigued by Ziploc's idea. What do you think?

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