You Zodiac Sign Reveals The Best Method You Can Use To Handle Stress

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The Best Way To Handle Stress According To Your Zodiac

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Dealing with stress can be a really difficult thing for a lot of people, because it is often difficult to find what works best for you.

Every individual is different, but you can often see a lot of similarities in stress-relieving tactics when you compare people who fall in the same zodiac signs.

It's never 100% accurate to judge someone by their zodiac sign, but honestly, it can be quiet surprising just how accurate it is sometimes.

If you're having trouble relieving stress, or know someone who is, use this guide to see if maybe your zodiac sign holds the key to solving all that built up tension.


Because they are so naturally competitive and enjoy being in charge, an Aries will actually thrive and relax when they are given the opportunity to get out there and take control of a situation.

Joining a team of some kind or taking part in some sort of activity is always a good option, because it gives them a little piece of control that they may not have in their day-to-day life. Spending time with others in a competitive setting helps them get out all that energy they have building up.


A Taurus needs time to unwind, and unlike an Aries, they do better when left alone. Working with their hands is often a good stress reliever, so DIY projects are always an excellent go-to.

Quiet time spent alone lets them reset their minds, and cool off from their stressful days.


In a drastic turn, a Gemini does best when they surround themselves with people. So a good way for them to relieve stress is by spending time with people who they love.

It's not just small talk that they want though, what a Gemini really needs is a good deep conversation with a close friend every once and a while, so that they can feel that connection that gives them the energy to carry on with their day.


Known as an extremely emotional star sign, a Cancer is likely to enjoy something as simple as a hug or kiss from a loved one. They like to feel needed and cared for, so these moments of connection mean the world to them.

On the flip side, they also love to put time and energy into their living space, so decorating and designing their homes will also relax them and cheer them up after a long day.


A Leo is often the type of person who thrives on praise. If a Leo needs to be calmed down out of a stressful situation, compliments are often a good tactic.

However, their go-to response to stress is to surround themselves with things that make them happy in the moment. They do a quick shopping spree and often that brightens their mood.


Virgos tend to overdo it in their daily lives, over-committing to activities and social events, so the best way for them to de-stress is to take time for themselves.

While they tend to feel guilty about it at first, focusing on their own needs for a little while ends up helping them in the long run.

They will find that cleaning and organizing any messes in their house will help alleviate that feeling of chaos that may be swarming around in their head. Something as simple as cleaning out an overstuffed closet can work wonders on their mental state.


As the scales in their constellation would suggest, a Libra is all about balance. Well, that extends into their stress levels, because they start to feel stressed when their perceived down time to work time ratio leans too far into the work side.

The best way for them to de-stress is by taking time to focus on their personal interests. An even mix of time split between family, friends, and by themselves is the perfect way to make sure a Libra stays happy.


With so much passion constantly building up inside of them, a Scorpio needs somewhere to place it. Charity work actually works wonders for this, as long as they find a cause they care about. It gives them the opportunity to focus their energy on something productive.

They also tend to use humor to help them unwind, which helps them deal with all of those emotions they have floating around inside of them.


A Sagittarius needs an opportunity to take charge of something, usually a gathering with friends or a trip, to feel relaxed. There is something about being able to find something amazing to share with the people they care about that makes them feel at ease.

They also enjoy being outside quite a bit, and the fresh air will always be welcome to them.


Capricorns tend to feel responsible for everything, which is simultaneously a blessing and a curse. While they can get stressed about the level of responsibility they have, they also feel equally stressed when they aren't in control.

The best thing they can do for their stress levels is to formulate actionable plans to help them deal with all the things in their life. Checklists are a Capricorn's best friend.


Learning something new is an easy way for an Aquarius to refocus and relax. In addition to that, a healthy debate is something that fuels them for days at a time due to their opinionated nature. It makes them feel like they've won a chess match, just with their words instead of game pieces.

They also appreciate spontaneity, especially if it's in the decision to do something new or unusual.


Creative and imaginative by nature, a Pisces always appreciates time to escape into their own reality.

They have incredible imaginations, so spending time daydreaming, writing, drawing, or really any form of creative expression is always soothing to a Pisces.

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How do you relieve your stress? Is it the same way as the rest of the people with your star sign?