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11 Last Meals Of The Rich And Famous

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It's not something we think very much about, but our daily meals have a big impact on our lives - and I don't just mean how big your waistline is. It turns out that what we eat, where we eat it and how we eat it can change history. Don't believe me? Look back at some of Hollywood's most famous celebrities and history's biggest names. Their last meals - which they certainly didn't realize would be their last - tell a story about who they were and what they were doing, sometimes just moments before the end.

You can learn a lot about your favorite star by discovering what their final meal was, so dig into this list of last dishes enjoyed by 11 celebs!

1. Ernest Hemingway - July 2nd, 1961

The famous author of The Sun Also Rises and For Whom The Bell Tolls didn't do anything halfway, and that applied to his meals. Hemingway had a famous appetite, as well as a thirst for alcohol. He was known for taking his daiquiris with "twice the rum, and no sugar." Before taking his life because of depression, the author enjoyed a hearty meal including a New York strip steak, a baked potato, Caesar salad and Bordeaux.

2. James Dean - September 30, 1955

James Dean was just 24 years old and a rising star in Hollywood when he drove his infamous death car to Tip's Coffee Shop, outside of Santa Clarita, California. The actor enjoyed a classic American combination: warm apple pie and a cold glass of milk. Some fans dispute this story, but you have to admit it would be a perfect ending for the Rebel Without a Cause star.

3. Julia Child - August 13, 2004

Did you know that this TV chef had a top-secret research job during the Second World War? While her past is classified, she's famous for bringing classical French cooking to American TV, so it's fitting that her last meal was a bowl of French onion soup. Child died of kidney failure just days before she would have turned 92 years old.

4. Abe Lincoln - April 14, 1865

Honest Abe was known for enjoying rich food, including oysters, bacon and gingerbread. So it's no surprise that he treated himself to mock turtle soup, roast Virginia fowl with chestnut stuffing, baked yams and cauliflower with cheese sauce before heading to the play where he would be assassinated. For my money, Lincoln had the best final meal on this list. The only question is how did he keep his slim figure when he ate so much?

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